1000x Busta Online Crash Game Review: Win With Relax Gaming

1000x Busta

RTP: 97%
Max Win: 1,000x (max $250,000)
Provider: Relax Gaming
Provably Fair: No
Year of Release: 2020

1000x Busta
Play 1000x Busta
Play 1000x Busta

Experience the thrill of 1000x Busta, a dynamic crash game created through the collaboration of Relax Gaming and 4ThePlayer. In this game, your luck could bring you wins with a growing multiplier. Your goal is to cash out before it crashes and avoid going bust. Get ready for fast-paced action and exciting gameplay!

1000x Busta Crash Game


ProviderRelax Gaming (4ThePlayer)
Year of release2020
Bet range$0.1 –  $1,000
Win rangeUp to 1,000x (max $250,000)
Free betsNo
Chat roomNo
Multiple betsNo
Demo modeYes

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Game Preview
Play 1000x Busta
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Deep Dive Into 1000x Busta: How It Works

1000x Busta is one of the widely played crash games online. Relax Gaming in association with  4ThePlayer has done a fantastic job creating this simple, yet fun-packed and entertaining game.

The action unfolds against a carpet-like green backdrop that takes up most of the screen. On the left side of this gaming space, there's a neat graph steadily climbing, collecting multipliers along the way.

Right below, you'll find the betting window. Simply click on the ‘Bet’ button, watch the multiplier graph rise, and cash out to win. However, note that in 1000x Busta cash-out isn’t instant.

This is unlike most other crash games where you stop the game at the exact multiplier at which you cash out. Instead, in 1000x Busta, the game prompts you to cash out at a multiplier that is yet to be reached and at least 0.07 higher than the current at any given point in time.

Also, unlike most crash games, 1000x Busta lets you place only one bet in a single round. The game's betting range is $0.1 to $1,000, with a max bet of 1,000x your stake. However, winnings are capped at $250,000, which means at max bet, you would be playing for just one-fourth of the game’s win potential.

Do keep in mind that this is a single-player crash game where you won’t share your gaming space with other players. You will be the lone rider in 1000x Busta trying your luck at possible big wins.

Pros & Cons

  • Above-average RTP
  • Simple gameplay
  • Clean graphics
  • Enticing music
  • Single bet
  • Capped win potential
  • Lower RTP at max bet
  • Not Provably Fair
  • Single-player game
  • No social element
  • Addictive

Theme, Graphics, and Soundtrack


1000x Busta captures the true spirit of a crash game with its simple design. The screen is dominated by a green background, which looks rather run-of-the-mill but isn’t unappealing nonetheless. On it, a small graph displays the multiplier on the rise.

Similar to many other crash games, 1000x Busta shares the common trajectory theme, which isn't particularly distinctive. However, what sets this game apart is its simplicity, making the gaming experience uncomplicated and engaging.

The accompanying gaming elements and sounds are thoughtful and add an extra layer of excitement to the game. For instance, you can fast-forward the rise of the graph and even add twinkling stars, enhancing the visual appeal.

As the graph grows, the pitch of the audio smoothly goes up, intensifying the excitement until the eventual crash. However, the absence of a background score seems like a missed opportunity, which could have jazzed up the entire experience.

Features and Function

Relax Gaming’s 1000x Busta crash game comes with the following features and functions:

  • Bet: Place a bet.
  • Cancel: Cancel your bet before the game starts.
  • Bet Size: Choose how much you want to bet.
  • Target: Decide the multiplier you're aiming for.
  • Payouts: View the amount you'll get if you win.
  • Win Chance: View the win chance below the scroll list for your current configuration. Feel free to edit and set it as per your preference.
  • Skip: After you win a bet, the multiplier typically keeps increasing until it crashes. Press ‘Skip’ to accelerate the process so you can move on to the next bet swiftly.
  • Cash-Out: Cash out before the game crashes.
  • AutoPlay:
    • Bet Size: Set the bet size for autoplay.
    • Target: Set the target multiplier for autoplay.
    • Number of Autoplays: Specify the number of autoplays.
    • Stop on Overall Loss: If set to ‘Never,’ autoplay won't stop due to an overall loss. Set the loss value at which the round should stop.
    • Stop on Overall Profit: If set to ‘Never,’ autoplay won't stop due to an overall profit. Set the profit value at which the round should stop.
    • Max Bet Size: Limits the bet size to any value between $0.1 and $1,000.
    • On Win/On No Win: Automatically adjust bet size to a set value or by a set percentage when winning or losing.
  • Fast Forward: Speed up the growth of the multiplier graph till the crash. Remember that activating Fast Forward will disable manual cash-out. The game will auto-cash out at the set multiplier if it crosses the graph. Otherwise, no win will be registered.
  • Star: Let your graph show some twinkling stars.
  • Results History: View details of up to 500 past rounds.


1000x Busta offers an impressive 97% RTP, suggesting that, theoretically, you could receive $97 for every $100 wagered over the long term. This crash game sets itself apart with its above-average RTP, firmly establishing itself among the top real-money gambling games worth playing.


The volatility of 1000x Busta remains a mystery as it has not been officially disclosed by Relax Gaming. However, while playing it, we found it to be medium with mid-sized winnings dropping every now and then. This tells us the crash game ensures an exciting and rewarding experience for all players.

Maximum Win Potential

The clue to the maximum win potential of 1000x Busta lies in the game’s name – it’s 1,000x your stake! The multiplier graph will surely go bust at 1,000x if not earlier. You can place a maximum bet of $1,000. However, the game caps the maximum payout at $250,000, which is such a damper!

This means at maximum bet, the RTP is lower than what’s claimed and would pay out only 25% (or one-fourth) of what you should have otherwise won. Why place a bet of $1,000 when you can stand a chance to win $250,000 with just $250 at the highest multiplier?

How to Play 1000x Busta Game Online for Real Money

  1. Sign up at a crash gambling casino that offers 1000x Busta.
  2. Deposit funds to your player account.
  3. Place your bet(s) at the start of the game.
  4. Cash out before the multiplier graph crashes.
  5. Enjoy your casino winnings in real money.

1000x Busta Tips and Tricks

1000x Busta is a luck-based crash game, where any tactic you employ is as good as no tactic applied. Nevertheless, consider these suggestions for an enhanced gaming experience:

  • Get to know the game by trying out the demo before wagering real money.
  • Stake only what you're comfortably willing to part with.
  • Avoid chasing losses or taking unnecessary risks.
  • Take advantage of casino bonus offers to bolster your chances in the 1000x Busta crash game.
  • Bet big and cash out early when the multiplier is at its lowest, but RTP is at its peak.
  • Bet small and wait for the multiplier to rise significantly before cashing out. This strategy involves low risk with chances of winning big.
  • Try not to bet more than $250 because $250,000 is what you can win the most with the promised 1,000x max multiplier.
  • Apply roulette strategies such as Martingale, D'Alembert, and Labouchere.

Want to try out this crash game for real money? Dive into 1000x Busta at the most popular crash betting sites without delay!


Is 1000x Busta a real crash game?

1000x Busta is a real crash game by Relax Gaming where a multiplier grows until it crashes. You can bet and win real money in this game, provided you play it at a trusted and legitimate crash gambling site.

Is it Provably Fair?

Regrettably, 1000x Busta doesn't fall under the category of Provably Fair crash games. The lack of a disclosed hash value means there's no way to independently verify the outcome of each round.

Is it possible to legally play 1000x Busta?

You can legally play 1000x Busta for real money if online gambling is lawful in your country. Also, ensure that the crash betting site you choose has a license, provides a secure gaming environment, and has a reputation for paying out.

Is it secure to bet real money on Relax Gaming’s 1000x Busta?

You can safely bet real money and engage in the 1000x Busta game at any authorized online casino. Keep in mind that playing at an unauthorized casino risks your funds. Also, beware while playing the game over public Wi-Fi connections. Hackers may be snooping.

What is the minimum bet in 1000x Busta?

You can start your real-money gaming experience in the 1000x Busta crash game with a minimum bet of $0.1. Before immersing yourself in the gameplay, remember to fund your casino account.

What is the maximum bet in 1000x Busta?

You can place a maximum bet of $1,000 in the 1000x Busta game. However, remember that you can win only up to $250,000 although the maximum multiplier of the game is 1,000x.

What is the highest win potential in 1000x Busta?

When you play 1000x Busta, you can win up to $250,000. This is the maximum win potential of the game although the maximum bet is $1,000 and the maximum multiplier is 1,000x.

Is 1000x Busta accessible for free online play?

The demo mode of 1000x Busta lets you play the game for free. Simply load the game and start a round with play money. But remember, the real excitement is felt when you choose to play for real money.

Is it possible to win real money in 1000x Busta?

You can win real money in 1000x Busta by placing an actual bet – using real money! Seize this opportunity by playing the game at a licensed online casino. Don't forget to cash out before the multiplier graph crashes to secure your winnings.

Is 1000x Busta playable on mobile?

Relax Gaming has fine-tuned 1000x Busta for mobile gaming. Whether you're on a smartphone or tablet, the game smoothly loads on different browsers and screen sizes. Both the real money version and the free demo deliver an equally outstanding experience.

What are some of the best alternatives to  1000x Busta?

Explore these top alternatives to the 1000x Busta crash game:
Aviator by Spribe
Goblin Run by Evoplay
Rocketman by Elbet
Need For X by Onlyplay
– Helicopter X by SmartSoft

What other crash games does Relax Gaming offer?

Relax Gaming does not offer any other crash games at the moment.

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