Bayraktar Crash Game Review: A High-Flying Havoc by Turbo Games


RTP: 95%
Max Win: 456670x (max $10,000)
Provider: Turbo Games
Provably Fair: Yes
Year of Release: 2022

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Bayraktar is a military-themed single-player crash game that puts you at the helm of an unmanned combat aerial vehicle. The Ukrainian software provider Turbo Games developed the game after the start of the Ukraine-Russia war. Our guide provides a detailed look at all the features of this crash game.



ProviderTurbo Games
Year of release2022
ThemeMines, Military, Aircraft
Bet range$0.1 –  $100
Win rangeup to 456670x (max $10,000)
Free betsNo
Chat roomNo
Multiple betsNo
Demo modeYes

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Deep Dive Into Bayraktar: How It Works

Bayraktar's military-themed game centers around locating and eliminating targets using an unmanned combat drone. The crash game follows a traditional 5×5 grid setup, comprising 23 tiles on the playing board. In many ways, Bayraktar resembles mine crash games.

Once the gameplay begins, you must target a tile on the grid. Neutralizing the enemy secures wins and presents you with two options: collect the winnings or continue playing by targeting another tile. If you miss, the round concludes and you lose your bet.

Before the start of play, you must set your preferred bet level. You can determine the risk-to-reward ratio by selecting the number of targets that will be hidden in the grid. This feature allows you to place 1 – 23 targets on the board.

Placing more targets on the playing board reduces the possibility of landing misses during gameplay. However, it comes with the trade-off of lower multiplier values. In simple terms, the value of your wins will be small.

Conversely, selecting fewer targets increases the potential of encountering misses. However, the upside is higher multiplier values and larger wins. You can observe the multipliers for each set target level on your screen. As you successfully hit your targets, the multiplier wins increase. 

Pros & Cons

  • Provably Fair
  • Low minimum bet amount
  • Excellent graphics
  • Unique theme
  • Capped win potential
  • Below-average RTP
  • Addictive

Theme, Graphics, and Soundtrack


As mentioned earlier, the game has a military theme. An interesting tidbit is that it is named after an unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) manufactured by the Turkish company Baykar Makina Sanayi.

Bayraktar draws heavily from the real-life UCAV that can be remotely controlled and used to carry out autonomous flight operations. Its design features an interface identical to the ground control station of the Bayraktar that displays commands, geographic coordinates, and other details.

Due to its theme and interface, the game does not have a catchy design like other popular crash options. However, Bayraktar will pique your interest if you enjoy military-style games. Despite its somewhat stale design, it still delivers crisp graphics and seamless navigation.

The crash game does not have any soundtrack. However, you will hear game sounds when selecting a target to bomb. In our opinion, the absence of a soundtrack complements the covert strike-style gameplay.

Features and Functions

Bayraktar has the following features and functions:

  • Bet Amount: set your bet amount before each round begins.
  • Targets: target 1 to 23 enemies on the grid.
  • Start Game: start a round.
  • Cancel: quit the round without an attack.
  • Cashout: take your winnings.
  • Auto: auto-bets for some rounds.
  • Stop Autobet: end auto-betting.
  • All bets: view all recent bets.
  • Top bets: view recent winning bets with multipliers above 10x.
  • My bets: view your recent bets.
  • Nickname: view your game nickname.
  • Limits: view the min and max bet, and max win potential.
  • Game details: view critical info like targets left, chance of missing, and reward for next target.


Bayraktar offers 95% RTP. Users can expect to receive $95 for every $100 spent on this game in the long run. This RTP is below average compared to the web’s most popular crash games like Aviator, 1000x Busta, Angry Elf: Christmas Miner, AviatriX, and Rocketman.


We could not find any official statement from Turbo Games regarding the volatility of this crash game. But we believe it varies based on the number of targets you choose.

The fewer the targets, the higher the volatility. This is because, with fewer targets to neutralize, the game is likely to crash early on more often as you are more likely to miss your shot.

Also, remember that the initial multiplier is higher when the targets are fewer. So, the game has to be highly volatile for it to be profitable for the house.

Maximum Win Potential

Bayraktar offers a maximum multiplier of 456670x when you play the game with 7 targets. So, at max bet, this game should have potentially paid you up to $45,667,000, which would have been insane.

But, before you get too excited about it, know that there’s a hard cap of $10,000 on the winnings, which is a bummer.

This means that at the highest bet at the level, the RTP of the game isn’t fully realized. Also, the 456670x top multiplier is way lower than the advertised top multiplier of 4940285x.

How to Play Bayraktar Crash Game Online for Real Money

Play the real money version of Bayraktar in these 7 easy steps:

  1. Register at a secure crash betting site offering Bayraktar.
  2. Fund your casino account.
  3. Launch the real money version of the crash game.
  4. Set the number of targets.
  5. Place your bet.
  6. Start targeting the tiles on the grid.
  7. Cash out before you miss a target.

Bayraktar Tips and Tricks

Bayrakter is not a skill-based game, so it is impossible to apply strategy or predict the outcome of the rounds. Yet there are a few tips you can keep in mind:

  • Try the demo version to learn how the game works.
  • Create a budget for betting and stick to it.
  • Use casino bonuses to enhance the RTP of your gambling sessions.
  • Opt for a low-risk, high-reward strategy by placing small bets and waiting for significant multiplier increases before cashing out.
  • Increase your returns by betting big and cashing out early when the RTP is at its peak.
  • Set more targets so you are more likely to not miss one.
  • Incorporate Roulette tactics such as D'Alembert, Martingale, and Labouchere.

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Is Bayraktar crash game real or fake?

Bayraktar is a real and legitimate crash game from Turbo Games. It can be played for real money at licensed crash gambling casinos that offer it.

Is it Provably Fair?

Bayrakter is a Provably Fair game. You can verify the outcome of game rounds using the hash value.

Is Bayraktar legal?

Playing Bayraktar for real money is legal as long as real money gambling is legal in your country or jurisditction. Being aware of the local gambling laws is crucial.

Is it safe to bet real money on Bayraktar online game?

Bayraktar is RNG-based, meaning there is less chance of manipulation. It is a Provably Fair game, so the results can be verified. Ensure your safety by playing responsibly, especially when using public Wi-Fi. Also, choose licensed and reputable casinos for real-money gambling.

What is the minimum bet in Bayraktar?

You can bet with as little as $0.10 on this crash game.

What is the maximum bet in Bayraktar?

Bayraktar has a maximum bet amount of $100.

What is the maximum win potential of Bayraktar?

The game has a maximum multiplier of 456670x when you play with 7 targets. The maximum bet limit of 100x, yet its maximum win potential is capped at $10,000. Compared to other crash options, this value is low.

Can I play Bayraktar crash game for free?

The demo version of Bayraktar is accessible to all players interested in trying out the game but not in real money wins. Also, no-deposit casino bonuses ensure free play with the chance of winning real money.

Can I win real money in Bayraktar game?

Like every other real money crash game, you can win real money when playing Bayrakter. However, you must place real money bets to expect winnings in real cash. Also, you must cash out your winnings before landing a miss in the game.

Can I play Bayraktar on mobile?

The game is available for play on mobile devices. All you need is a steady internet connection and a mobile browser.

What are the best alternatives to Bayraktar crash gambling game?

Here are some crash games that offer the same excitement as Bayraktar:
Angry Elf: Christmas Miner by Gaming Corps
– Turbo Mines by Turbo Games
– Lucky O’Miner by Gaming Corps

What are other crash games by Turbo Games?

Turbo Games also offers the following crash games:
– Dog’s Street
– JavelinX
– Crash X

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