Cash or Crash Game Review: Soarin’ Into Space with Funky Games

Cash or Crash

RTP: 95%
Max Win: 99x
Provider: Funky Games
Provably Fair: Yes
Year of Release: 2019

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Cash or Crash by Funky Games is one of the finest rocket crash games online. You can play it for real money or for free in demo mode. On this page, you’ll learn all about how Cash or Crash works and what its features are.



ProviderFunky Games
Year of release2019
Bet range$1 – $100
Win rangeUp to 99x
Free betsNo
Chat roomNo
Multiple betsNo
Demo modeYes

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Deep Dive Into Cash or Crash: How It Works

Cash or Crash works in the same way as other crash rocket games. The idea is that a rocket launches and as it rises, a multiplier increases. You’ll also see the current multiplier directly above the rising rocket. 

However, it will explode at some point; there’s no telling when. To win, you need to cash out before the crash happens. Your payout is your bet multiplied by the multiplier when the rocket explodes.

The longer you wait, the bigger the multiplier but the bigger the risk of explosion. Cash or Crash’s multiplier has a cap of 99x. If the rocket reaches this top amount and you haven’t cashed in, you’ll win anyway.

Each round’s outcome is independent of all others before it, so there’s no way of predicting when the rocket will explode. But, in the provider’s words: ‘Take the rocket trip. Ship money to your pocket.’

Pros & Cons

  • Great sounds and visuals
  • Auto cashout
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Multiplier tracker feature
  • Below-average RTP
  • Single bet per round
  • Low max win multiplier
  • No chatroom
  • No free bets

Theme, Graphics, and Soundtrack


Cash or Crash is a visually impressive game. It starts with a white and red rocket that launches and travels vertically into space. There’s a decent amount of detailing in the background.

For instance, you see astronauts jumping into the rocket as players place their bets, the rocket firing up, the gates opening, and various planets floating in space. The animations are of high quality, especially for the rocket explosion.

The sound of the explosion is realistic and the orange and white clouds of smoke add a lot of detail. The game has an atmospheric soundtrack that becomes quite fast-paced when the rocket launches. There are also sound effects you’ll hear as the astronauts jump into the rocket.

Some crash games have the rocket move along a trajectory on a graph. Cash or Crash doesn’t. It uses a similar set-up, but instead, the rocket simply travels straight up vertically.

Features and Functions

  • Bet: confirm your bet value.
  • Cash Out: have the game cash out at a chosen multiplier.
  • ½: half your bet.
  • X2: double your bet.
  • Multiplayer: view the stats of other players.
  • Auto Cashout: tell the game to cash out automatically for a set multiplier.
  • Odometer: track the rocket’s trajectory and multipliers.


The game’s RTP is 95%. If you place a $100 bet, you should in theory get $95 in return. However, RTP is a long-term average. This means that you won’t be paid exactly $95 every time you play. The point is that the more you play, the closer your average payout will get to $95.

This is quite low when you compare it with other crash betting games. Some of them have an RTP as high as 96% to 99%. For example, Rich Rocket by Lucky Elephant has an RTP of 96.3% and for Blast by Bitsler, it’s 98%.


Funky Games has not mentioned the game’s volatility. However, Cash or Crash seems to have low volatility. This is because the rocket doesn’t explode early on too many times. What also makes the game have low volatility is its rather low max multiplier of 99x.

Maximum Win Potential

The rocket can reach a maximum multiplier value of 99x. If this happens, everyone who hasn’t yet cashed out will win. Their payout will be their bet multiplied by 99. With a maximum bet of $100, the game has a maximum win potential of $9,900.

How to Play Cash or Crash Online for Real Money

Playing Cash or Crash for real money is quick and easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Join an online crash betting website that offers the crash game.
  2. Deposit some money into your account.
  3. Find and launch Cash or Crash for real money play.
  4. Place your bet in real money.
  5. Watch the rocket and the multiplier rise.
  6. Cash out before the rocket explodes.

If you use bonus money to play Cash or Crash, make sure the casino allows the use of bonuses in crash gambling.

Cash or Crash Tips and Tricks

When playing Cash or Crash, there’s nothing you can do to guarantee a win. Having said this, you can change the way you place bets to improve your chances of making money.

  • Learn how to play the game before you start risking your money.
  • Only spend money you can afford to lose.
  • Don’t chase your losses.
  • Claim casino bonuses to increase your gaming session’s RTP.
  • Place smaller bets if you’re going for a big multiplier.
  • Place large bets when cashing out early.
  • Use strategies such as the Martingale and Labouchere strategies.

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Is Cash or Crash a real crash game?

Cash or Crash isn’t fake at all. It’s a real game by Funky Games that you can play online for real money. Also, it’s from a provider that’s developed and launched a few hundred other casino games.

Is it Provably Fair?

Cash or Crash is a Provably Fair crash rocket game. This means you can check the results of each round and confirm that the game is completely fair.

Is Cash or Crash legal?

Cash or Crash is legal to play so long as you’re somewhere that doesn’t forbid online gambling. If it’s legal to gamble online where you are, playing Cash or Crash for real money should be fine.

Is it safe to bet real money on the Cash or Crash online game?

Betting real money on Cash or Crash should be safe. It’s Provably Fair and its provider Funky Games seems to be reputable and trustworthy. You shouldn’t encounter any major issues with this game, provided you play at a legal casino, don’t overspend, and take caution if using public Wi-Fi.

What is the minimum bet in Cash or Crash?

The minimum bet amount in Cash or Crash is $1. If you have a small budget to work with, it’s best to stick with bets that are around this size.

What is the maximum bet in Cash or Crash?

When playing Cash or Crash, the most you can bet per round is $100. If you’re going to bet this amount, make sure there’s room in your budget.

What is the maximum win potential of Cash or Crash?

With a maximum multiplier of 99x, the most you can win when playing Cash or Crash is $9,900. This isn’t as high as what other crash rocket games can pay out.

Can I play the Cash or Crash for free?

Yes, you can play Cash or Crash for free. The game has a demo version that uses virtual currency. With this, you can enjoy as many rounds of Cash or Crash as you like without having to spend real money. Using a no-deposit bonus is another option.

Can I win real money in the Cash or Crash?

Yes, you can win real money when playing Cash or Crash. To do this, you need to cash out before the rocket explodes. Also, you need to be betting with real money or a casino bonus.

Can I play Cash or Crash on mobile?

Yes, it is. So long as your phone or tablet has a steady internet connection, you can play the Cash or Crash gambling game on the go. The game’s mobile version works in the same way as its desktop counterpart.

What are the best alternatives to the Cash or Crash?

These are the best alternatives to the Cash or Crash:
Space XY by BGaming
– Crash 3DX by iMoon
Rocket X by 1Win (1Play)
– Rocket Run by Rocket

What are other crash games by Funky Games?

Other crash games from Funky Games include the following:
– Mines or Gifts
– Mines or Treats
– Mines or Cash

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