Review of Bitstarz Crash: Fly on the Perks of Rising Multipliers

Bitstarz Crash

RTP: 96%
Max Win: 100,000x (max $100,000)
Provider: Bitstarz
Provably Fair: Yes
Year of Release: Unknown

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Crash by Bitstarz is a Provably Fair multiplier crash game with a rocket theme. You can play it for real money with fiat as well as cryptocurrency. How long you stay on the ride is up to you. However, ensure you take advantage of its increasing multiplier, and cash out before the rocket explodes.

This crash game is exclusive to Bitstarz Casino, and uses a simple UI, to ensure seamless gameplay. Read our comprehensive review of Bitstarz Crash to see what you stand to enjoy from playing the game.

Bitstarz Crash Game


Year of releaseUnknown
Bet range$0.01 – $20,000
Win rangeUp to 100,000x (Max $100,000)
Free betsNo
Chat roomNo
Multiple betsNo
Demo modeNo

Deep Dive Into Bitstarz’s Exclusive Crash Game: How It Works

Bitstarz's Crash is built with gameplay simple enough for beginners, and entertaining enough for crash gambling enthusiasts looking for rich gaming experiences.

The objective of the game is straightforward: place a bet to enter a round, watch the lucky rocket take off with a rising multiplier, and cash out your winnings before it explodes. You have a 6-second betting window between each round to decide if you want to join the next ride.

Bitstarz's crash has a wide betting range, with a $20,000 maximum bet. Once the betting window closes, the rocket launches into space with rising multipliers that can reach up to 100,000x.

The game is Provably Fair, which lets you check the fairness of each round. Simply find the hashed server and client seeds of each round and use an online SHA-256 tool to verify them.

Note that although there seems to be a demo mode available for Crash by Bitstarz, we noticed we couldn't place bets in it. The best we could do was watch how the gameplay unfolded.

Pros & Cons

  • Provably Fair
  • High win multiplier
  • Multiplier calculator
  • Wide betting range
  • Auto bet function
  • Single bet
  • Capped win potential
  • No chatroom
  • No free bet
  • Defunct demo mode
  • Addictive

Theme, Graphics, and Soundtrack

Bitstarz Crash Gameplay

Bitstarz's Crash has a simple rocket-themed design, with little to no appealing aesthetics. When you launch the game, you'll see a graph-like structure on a dark gray background with nothing else in view. The rocket, however, is the most colorful part of the game, with a white body and red fins.

At the start of each round, the rocket takes off from outside the graph. It begins drawing a line once it enters the graph; the multiplier now starts increasing. The rocket shoots out bubbly exhaust as opposed to the fiery ones you see in most other rocket crash games.

When a player cashes out, you'll notice an indication on the screen, with their name, cashout amount, and multiplier. The game ends when the rocket explodes, which also stops the multiplier.

We found it strange that there is no soundtrack or sound effects in the game even though there is a toggle to turn sound on and off. It leaves you wondering what that setting is for. Also, the lack of a chatroom makes gameplay rather dull.

Features and Functions

Here is a detailed rundown of the in-game features and functions available in Crash by Bitstarz:

  • Bet Amount: set a bet amount at the beginning of every round.
    • ½: reduce your bet amount by half.
    • x2: double your bet amount.
  • Bet: place the bet to start the round.
  • Cancel: remove your bet before the game starts.
  • Cash Out: take out your winnings when the multiplier increases.
  • Multiplier  Calculator: check how much you'll win if you place a certain bet and cash out at a certain multiplier.
  • Auto: automate your game.
    • Bet Amount: enter a bet amount.
    • Auto Cashout: cash out automatically when the rocket reaches a specific multiplier.
    • Number of Bets: enter the number of betting rounds for autoplay.
    • On Win/Loss: increase your bet by a certain percentage or reset to the default bet.
    • Stop on Profit/Loss: stop auto bet when you reach a certain threshold for profit or loss.
  • Hotkeys: use your keyboard for easy gameplay.
  • History: view the history of all rounds ever played, including their hash values and multipliers.
  • Leaderboard: view the ranks of fellow players based on their potential winnings.
  • Fairness: view and verify the hash of each round for fairness.


Bitstarz's Crash has a 96% RTP. This means it has a potential return of $96 for every $100 wagered. Keep in mind that this is only an estimate, and doesn't mean you'll always get this much in every round.

Also, the RTP of this game is about average when compared to games like Aviator, Stormy Witch, Space XY, and AviatriX, which come with higher RTP.


Crash by Bitstarz offers high-volatility gameplay. Most times, the rocket crashes early, failing to even reach the minimum 1.01x multiplier required for cashing out or achieving only marginal increments. This leads to prolonged stretches of zero to small-sized wins.

However, eventually, a short burst of big wins follows leading to some big wins. If you can cash out on time, you can make the most of these short rewarding bursts.

Maximum Win Potential

Bitstarz's Crash has a maximum multiplier of 100,000x. This means that at the max bet of $20,000 you should be able to win $2,000,000,000. However, the game has its win potential capped at $100,000, which means at the top bet, the RTP is just 1/20000 of what’s claimed.

You can still win the top amount if you place a small bet of $1 with a 100,000x multiplier. Better still, you can go all in with a $20,000 bet and cash out at 5x, still winning the same value

How to Play Crash by Bitstarz Online for Real Money

Playing Bitstarz's Crash for real money is easy. All you need to do is follow these 6 steps:

  • Open an account with Bitstarz Casino.
  • Deposit money into your player account.
  • Launch Crash in real money mode.
  • Set a stake amount.
  • Place your bet.
  • Cash out before the rocket crashes.

Bitstarz's Crash Tips and Tricks

Like every other crash money game, Bitstarz's Crash is a game of pure chance. Winning is never guaranteed no matter how many tips and tricks you have up your sleeve. Nonetheless, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Watch the game in demo mode for free to learn how it works.
  • Never risk more money than you can afford to lose.
  • Take advantage of Bitstarz’s bonuses (if any) to raise the overall RTP of your gaming session.
  • Bet big and cash out early when the RTP is at its peak (like betting the max amount and cashing at 2x).
  • Bet small and cash out when the multiplier is highest (like betting the minimum amount and waiting for a 10x multiplier)
  • Play the game with strategies like Martingale, D'Alembert, and Labouchere.

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Is Crash by Bitstarz real or fake?

Crash is a unique multiplier crash game exclusive to Bitstarz Casino. The site is legit, with an Antillephone N.V. license that makes its operations legal. All you're left to do is register an account, launch the game, place a real money bet, and cash out before the rocket explodes.

Is it Provably Fair?

Bitstarz's Crash runs on the Provably Fair system that ensures fair play. The game has a ‘Fairness’ function that gives you access to the hashed client and server seed, and a verification tool with which you can verify the results.

Is Crash legal?

Crash by Bitstarz Casino is a legal gambling game. While the game is already in a well-regulated casino, you can only play it legally if your country allows you to gamble online for real money. Aside from that, Bitstarz's Crash game is completely legal to play.

Is it safe to bet real money on Crash at Bitstarz?

With Bitstarz's Crash, you can choose how safe you wish the game to be. Play with only money that you have legally gotten. Don’t share your account details with other people. Most importantly, only sign in with trusted devices.

What is the minimum bet in Bitstarz’s Crash game?

The minimum bet in Bitstarz’s Crash game is $0.01. You should be aware that it has a maximum win multiplier of 100,000x. Low rollers must take note of this as small bets of $1 can land big wins when the top multiplier is reached.

What is the maximum bet in Crash by Bitstarz?

Crash by Bitstarz has a maximum bet amount of $20,000. This is perfect for high rollers who can’t wait to place big bets.

What is the maximum win potential of Bitstarz’s Crash game?

Bitstarz's Crash has a maximum win potential of 100,000x. However, the maximum amount you can win is capped at $100,000. This is easily an attainable win with a top bet of $20,000 and a 5x multiplier.

Can I play Crash by Bitstarz for free?

Bitstarz's Crash comes in demo mode with free play money credited. However, you can only watch the game and maybe test a few buttons. Your only option to play the game for free is in real money mode with a no-deposit bonus from Bitstarz.

Can I win real money in Bitstarz’s Crash?

You can win real money in Bitstarz's Crash game by playing it with real money. Although it's a game of chance, you can use some tips and tricks to ensure you have a better chance of winning. For instance, betting big and cashing out early offers fair chances of winning.

Can I play Bitstarz's Crash on mobile?

Crash by Bitstarz was built with mobile users in mind. The game is well-optimized and works flawlessly on Android and iOS devices. You can play it on smartphones and tablets alike.

What are the best alternatives to Crash by Bitstarz Casino?

The following are excellent alternatives to Crash by Bitstarz Casino:
Roobet Crash
Duelbits Crash
Cash or Crash by Funky Games
Space XY by BGaming

What are other crash games by Bitstarz?

Here are some other crash games you'll find at Bitstarz Casino:
– Mines
– Pachinko

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