Cricket Crash Online Crash Game Review: Hit High with Onlyplay

Cricket Crash

RTP: 95%
Max Win: Unlimited
Provider: Onlyplay
Provably Fair: Yes
Year of Release: 2023

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Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience! Cricket Crash by Onlyplay combines the excitement of cricket with the thrill of crash gambling. You never know what the next ball can fetch you!

Cricket Crash Online Crash Game Review


Year of release2023
Bet range$1 –  $100
Win rangeUnlimited
Free betsNo
Chat roomNo
Multiple betsYes
Demo modeYes

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Deep Dive Into Cricket Crash: How It Works

Onlyplay's Cricket Crash has already established itself as one of the top crash games online. With its cool cricket tourney theme and a progressive jackpot system, this multiplayer game provides a distinctive and engaging experience to players.

The game starts with a bowler delivering a ball and a batsman hitting it. Once in motion, the ball activates the multiplier coefficient of the game, which constantly grows until the ball explodes. Your goal is to cash out before the explosion – possibly with the highest possible multiplier.

Your participation in the game begins when you place a bet before the bowler delivers the ball. You can place bets ranging from $1 to $100. In a single round, you can place two simultaneous bets and even cancel them before the game begins.

But once you are in, there's no going back. You would then only have the option to cash out. If you can timely cash-out, you will win an amount equal to your initial bet multiplied by the specific multiplier at the moment of your cash-out.

Do note that the ball in flight may also travel through mid-air bonus portals, with the multiplier increasing by 10%, 20%, or even 50%. However, the process is not straightforward as the portals may also lead to the ball exploding instead of the multiplier increasing.

In Cricket Crash, there's also a special progressive jackpot. It gets activated when the ball goes into the jackpot portal with a multiplier higher than 3.00x. The winnings are divided among all the players in the game. There's no maximum limit on how much you can win, which makes this game so exciting. But casinos hosting the crash game will most likely place one.

  • Cricket tournament theme
  • Double bets
  • Multiplier boosters
  • Progressive jackpot
  • Uncapped winnings
  • No free bets
  • Not Provably Fair
  • Below-average RTP
  • No chat option
  • Addictive
  • Risk of chasing losses

Theme, Graphics, and Soundtrack


Cricket Crash by Onlyplay lets you immerse yourself in the true spirit of a cricket tournament well underway, complete with a lively crowd that adds an extra thrill to the gameplay. This crash game intricately weaves every detail to create an enticing mix of cricket and crash gambling.

In fact, its cricket theme is a breath of fresh air in the world of crash games dominated by aviation themes. The game’s attractive graphics and audio elements are appealing, too. Our only complaint is the soundtrack, which, we feel, was badly chosen. It fails to capture the essence of cricket and lacks a truly cricket-inspired vibe.

Features and Function

  • Place A Bet: Join the action by placing a bet. You may place two bets at once for a chance to win more.
  • Cancel: Withdraw your bet before the game begins.
  • Take: Cash out before the ball explodes.
  • Bonus Portals: Watch the ball enter bonus portals to increase the current multiplier by 10%, 20%, or 50%. For example, if the multiplier is at 3x and it enters a 50% bonus portal, the new multiplier becomes 4.5x.
  • Maharaja Reward Progressive Jackpot: Watch the ball enter the jackpot portal with a multiplier bigger than 3.00x and watch the Maharaja Reward jackpot drop. Win an amount equal to the percentage of your bet compared to the total bet.
  • Auto Mode: Auto-bet a specific amount in each new round and auto-cash out at a specific multiplier.
  • My Bets: View the results of your recent game rounds.
  • Players: Check other players' results.
  • Win: View the highest recorded wins.
  • Emoji Bar: Express your emotions by clicking on emoticons. These are visible to all participants in the game.


Cricket Crash by Onlyplay presents a below-average RTP of 95%, indicating that, in theory, you would receive ₹95 for every ₹100 wagered over the long period. This positions Cricket Crash as a less appealing option among real-money casino games, especially those with more attractive RTPs.

For instance, Elbet's Rocketman boasts a significantly superior RTP range of 97.5% to 99.5%. This notable contrast in RTP values underscores Cricket Crash's comparatively lackluster appeal within the realm of casino gaming.


The volatility of Cricket Crash is not officially set. High, medium, low – it could be anything as per the provider. However, after playing the crash game, we felt it to be highly volatile. The ball kept exploding early on and way more frequently compared to low-volatility crash games. This is only expected given the lack of a cap on the maximum winnings.

Maximum Win Potential

In Cricket Crash, you can place a maximum bet of $100, but there is no limit on how much you can win. At least the provider has not specified any cap for the game. However, it's important to note that casinos may and will impose an upper limit on your potential winnings.

How to Play Cricket Crash Game Online for Real Money

  1. Sign up at a crash gambling casino to play Cricket Crash.
  2. Deposit funds to your player account.
  3. Place your bet(s) at the start of the game.
  4. Cash out before the ball explodes.
  5. Enjoy your casino winnings in real money.

Cricket Crash Tips and Tricks

Onlyplay’s Cricket Crash being a crash game, relies entirely on luck. Any trick you try will be as uncertain as you can imagine. Nevertheless, here are some tips you need to keep in mind:

  • Practice the game in the demo mode before playing it for real money.
  • Even in demo mode, watch a few rounds before betting play money.
  • Know your bankroll before betting so you don't end up risking money you can’t afford to lose.
  • Increase the overall RTP of the gaming session by using casino bonuses.
  • Bet big and cash out early when the RTP is at its peak.
  • Bet small and wait for the multiplier to increase substantially before cashing out. Even if you lose, the loss won't be huge.
  • Apply Roulette strategies such as Martingale, D’Alembert, and Labouchere.

Ready? Dive into Cricket Crash at the best online crash gambling sites without delay!


Is Cricket Crash a genuine online crash game?

Cricket Crash is absolutely an authentic crash game that you can play for real money. It is a game that genuinely pays out real money wins but you have to play it at a legitimate online casino.

Is it Provably Fair?

Cricket Crash is not a Provably Fair crash game. There is no way to verify the result of each outcome as the hash value isn’t disclosed. However, it still runs on RNG; every outcome is random and unpredictable.

Is it legal to play Cricket Crash?

Cricket Crash game is legal to play for real money, provided online gambling with real money is lawful in your country. Also, remember to make sure the casino site that provides the game is licensed, offers a secure gaming environment, and is known to pay out to winners.

Is it secure to bet real money on Onlyplay’s Cricket Crash?

You can safely bet real money and play Cricket Crash game at any registered online casino. However, do not forget that playing at an illegal casino will risk your money.

What is the minimum bet in Cricket Crash?

With a minimum wager of $1, the Cricket Crash game becomes an attractive choice for crash gamblers wishing to start small.

What is the maximum bet in Cricket Crash?

Cricket Crash allows a maximum bet of $100. You can place it as a single bet or two simultaneous bets adding up to $100 in a single round.

What is the highest win potential in Cricket Crash?

The Cricket Crash game features an unlimited multiplier, enabling the possibility of winning any amount. Nevertheless, it's common for casinos to impose an upper limit on your potential winnings.

Is Cricket Crash accessible for free online play?

Cricket Crash comes in demo mode using which you can play the game for free. Simply allow the game to load and begin a round with play money. The true excitement, however, unfolds when you decide to play for real money.

Are real money winnings attainable in Cricket Crash?

You can win real money in Cricket Crash by placing a real bet – with money! Play the game at a licensed online casino to enjoy this opportunity. Of course, remember to cash out before the ball explodes to ensure a win.

Is Cricket Crash playable on mobile?

Onlyplay has optimized Cricket Crash for mobile play. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, the game seamlessly loads across various browsers and screen sizes. Both the real money edition and the free demo offer an equally impressive experience.

What are some of the best alternatives to  Cricket Crash?

Some of the best alternatives to  Cricket Crash Crash Game:
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Goblin Run by Evoplay
Rocketman by Elbet
– JetX3 by SmartSoft

What other crash games does Onlyplay offer?

Other popular crash games by Onlyplay include the following:
– Limbo Cat
– Lucky Tanks
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– Quantum X
When Lambo

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