Fury Stairs Crash Game Review: Step Up Your Win With Turbo Games

Fury Stairs

RTP: 97%
Max Win: 717.27x (max $10000)
Provider: Turbo Games
Provably Fair: Yes
Year of Release: 2021

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Fury Stairs by Turbo Games is one of those crash games you shouldn’t miss. Climb stairs and win big: that’s the goal! Guide our brave hero up the stairs, chasing higher wins with a rising multiplier.

The stakes are high – up to 717.27x your bet! But watch out for bombs ready to explode at each step. One misstep and it’s game over! Your winnings go up in flames and you are left to start the climb afresh. So take every step with caution and cash out before getting charred.

Fury Stairs Crash Game


ProviderTurbo Games
Year of release2021
Bet range$0.1 – $100
Win rangeUp to 717.27x (max $10000)
Free betsNo
Chat roomNo
Multiple betsNo
Demo modeYes

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Deep Dive Into Fury Stairs: How It Works

Every round in Fury Stairs starts by placing a bet, which can range from $0.1 to $100. The goal is to climb a set of 13 rows of stairs while avoiding exploding fireballs. The game incorporates familiar gaming mechanics like other crash games, such as placing a bet, canceling bets, and cashing out.

Each row of stairs has a certain number of fireballs, and players can choose the number of fireballs they want to find in each row. As you successfully move to the next row, the multiplier increases.

However, there's a catch – the more fireballs you encounter, the higher the risk of losing all your winnings. Remember to cash out before you step on a fireball. 

The game is provably fair, allowing players to verify the results of each round. This transparency adds an element of trust and fairness to the gameplay. The maximum potential winnings in the game are capped at $10,000, even though the theoretical maximum could have been $71,727 with the maximum bet and multiplier.

The difficulty levels in Fury Stairs vary, with different multipliers for each. The range includes 1.02x to 2.77x for one fireball per row, 1.08x to 8.6x for two fireballs per row, 1.14x to 31.71x for three fireballs per row, 1.21x to 134.85x for four fireballs per row, and 1.29x to 717.27x for five fireballs per row.

Overall, Fury Stairs offers a simple yet captivating gaming experience with the excitement of risk and reward. 

Pros & Cons

  • High RTP
  • Unique theme
  • Provably Fair
  • Crisp graphics
  • Lacks free bets
  • No chat room
  • No multiple bets
  • Addictive

Theme, Graphics, and Soundtrack

Fury Stairs Crash Game

The theme of Fury Stairs perfectly encapsulates its name. Every step comes with a sense of fear and urgency. Unlike typical trajectory-based games, this one offers a unique experience. The visuals are captivating with eye-pleasing colors, featuring a red main character against a soft black background. 

The fireballs are simple yet attractive. The attention to detail is evident in every game aspect, from the graphics to the character design. The music complements the gameplay, enhancing the overall experience.

Features and Functions

Fury Stairs comes with the following features and functions:

  • Place bet: Set the bet value.
  • Number of fireballs per row: Select number of fireballs you want in each row. The fireballs represent the difficulty levels, each associated with specific multipliers. These range from 1.02x to 717.27x depending on the number of fireballs per row, starting from one fireball up to five fireballs.
  • Start game: Start playing the game
  • Cancel: Cancel your bets
  • Cashout: Withdraw your winnings
  • History:
    • All Bets: recently played games by all players
    • Top Bets: recent winning bets with a multiplier above 10x
    • My Bets: list of your recent bets


In Fury Stairs, the RTP can be between 97%. This means that, theoretically, you might get back $97 for every $100 you bet. This high value makes Fury Stairs stand out among real money crash games that offer some of the best payouts.


The volatility of Fury Stairs is unknown. However, it tends to be highly volatile. You'll reveal a fireball very early in the game, in fact in the first row itself.

Maximum Win Potential

Fury Stairs allows bets up to $100. At the most difficult level, that means with 5 fireballs in a row the maximum multiplier goes up to 717.27x. This implies that the game should typically yield a maximum win of $71,727. But, the developer has set a limit of $10,000 on the top win value.

How to Play Fury Stairs Crash Game Online for Real Money

  1. Register at a licensed crash gambling casino offering the game.
  2. Deposit funds to your account.
  3. Set the bet value and select the number of fireballs in each row.
  4. Start the game.
  5. Start exploring the stairs.
  6. Cash out before you reveal a fireball.
  7. Enjoy your winnings in real money

Fury Stairs Tips and Tricks

Like in every other crash game, luck is crucial in Fury Stairs. However, we have provided some simple tips to follow:

  • Play the game for free in demo mode before betting real money.
  • Only bet what you can afford to lose.
  • Avoid trying to win back money you've lost.
  • Use casino bonuses to increase the RTP.
  • Bet big and cash out early when the RTP is the highest.
  • Bet small and cash out at a higher multiplier to win a substantial amount. 
  • Play at a low difficulty level with big bets and at a high difficulty level with small bets.
  • Try out Roulette strategies like Martingale, D’Alembert, and Labouchere for more excitement.

Excited? Give Fury Stairs a try on our recommended crash gambling sites today!


Is Fury Stairs crash game real or fake?

Fury Stairs is a real crash game by Turbo Games. It is available online for real money. Play the game at a licensed and reputable crash gambling casino to have the best experience.

Is Fury Stairs a Provably Fair game?

Fury Stairs is a Provably Fair crash game. Verify the outcome of each round using the hash value.

Is Fury Stairs legal?

Playing Fury Stairs is legal if real money gambling is legal in your country or jurisdiction. Make sure you play at a licensed online casino for a secure gaming experience.

Is it safe to bet real money on Fury Stairs, the online game?

It is safe to play the Fury Stairs for real money if you choose licensed and reputable crash casinos and take all safety measures while doing so. But, Fury Stairs, similar to all crash games, do not assure wins. There is no guarantee that your bet will always fetch you a win.

What is the minimum bet in Fury Stairs?

Fury Stairs lets you start at a minimum bet of $0.1, offering the thrill of real-money crash gambling on a budget.

What is the maximum bet in Fury Stairs?

You can play Fury Stairs with a maximum bet of $100.

What is the maximum win potential of Fury Stairs?

Fury Stairs offers a maximum win potential of 717.27x your stake. So, the max win potential of the crash game should have been $71727. However, the developer has capped it at  $10,000, a much lesser amount.

Can I play Fury Stairs crash game for free?

You have two options to play Fury Stairs for free- in demo mode or with a no-deposit casino bonus. The first lets you use play money with no real winnings, while the second allows you to enjoy the game on the casino's dime and a chance to win real money.

Can I win real money in Fury Stairs game?

Fury Stairs is a real money crash game where you can stake money to win money, but remember to play at a real money crash betting site.

Can I play Fury Stairs on mobile?

Fury Stairs crash game is optimally designed for mobile play. It seamlessly loads on both iOS and Android. Turbo Games ensures a smooth gaming experience on various browsers and devices, making it accessible to players on the move.

What are the best alternatives to Fury Stairs crash gambling game?

Some of the best alternatives to Turbo Games’s Fury Stairs crash game:
Angry Elf: Christmas Miner by Gaming Corps.
– Turbo Mines by Turbo Games
Beerhalla by Mancala Gaming

What are other crash games by Turbo Games?

These are some other crash games by Turbo Games:
– Mines
– Crash X
– Fury Stairs
– Hamsta Digging Gansta
– Limbo Rider

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