Need For X Crash Game Review: Race for Cash With Onlyplay

Need For X

RTP: 95%
Max Win: Unlimited
Provider: Onlyplay
Provably Fair: No
Year of Release: 2023

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Experience the ultimate car racing crash game in Need For X, brought to you by Onlyplay. Counted among the most exciting crash games of all time, it sets itself apart with its groundbreaking Infinity Play mechanics.

To experience the thrill of high-speed races with real money stakes, sign up at our leading crash gambling sites. And before you dive in, be sure to read our detailed Need For X crash game review for insights on what to expect.

Need For X Crash Game


Year of release2023
ThemeCars, Racing
Bet range$0.1 – $50
Win rangeUnlimited
Free betsNo
Chat roomNo
Multiple betsNo
Demo modeYes

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Deep Dive Into Need For X: How It Works

At its core, Need For X works like any other crash game: there’s a multiplier on the rise and there’s this condition to cash out before it crashes to register a win. However, there’s an interesting plot twist!

Every participating player's multiplier increases independently. This is unlike conventional crash games where the progress of the multiplier is common to all participants. In Need For X, player A's progress doesn't affect Player B's. Also, the game progresses infinitely!

To understand this, let’s discuss the gameplay a bit.

Upon loading Need For X, you’ll find a street car race underway. Two lanes with one-way traffic are laid on your screen with mystery boxes strewn along the way. The game progresses regardless of your participation.

Once you place a bet, you’ll find your car in orange, zooming down the two-lane street. You can change your lane at any point in time to either hit a mystery box or avoid it. Now, every time you hit a mystery box, two things can happen:

  • You’re granted a multiplier which increases your potential winnings and keeps you going.
  • You uncover a bomb, which explodes your car and ends your session.

While in the game, you can cash out at any time before the explosion. This will also mark the end of your session. Remember that the game session in the Need For X crash game can last forever if you don’t cash out or can manage to avoid hitting a bomb.

You can place bets ranging from $0.1 to $50 per session. However, Need For X is a unibet crash game, which means you can place one one bet at a time. Every time you chance upon a multiplier in a mystery box, its value will show up on your screen.

As you advance in the game, the multipliers you encounter will compound. For instance, if your initial multiplier is 1.5x and you hit a subsequent 2x multiplier, your total multiplier before reaching the third one will be 1.5 x 2 = 3x.

Continuing, if you then encounter a 2.25x multiplier, your total multiplier before the next one will be 3 x 2.25 = 6.75x. If you've placed a $1 bet, your potential winnings at this stage would amount to 1 x 6.75 = $6.75.

As a multiplayer crash game, Need For X lets you play alongside several other players, each with their own cars visible on the lanes. As previously explained, the multipliers or explosions affecting other players' cars won't impact your own game.

Once your session ends, you can rejoin the race in progress by simply placing a bet. What makes Need For X so exciting is unlimited win potential. So, unless the casino at which you play decides to put a cap on the winnings, there’s absolutely no limit to what this game can bring your way.

Because Need For X isn’t your regular crash game, we suggest you test it in demo mode to understand how it works. Once you are confident enough, you can play the game for real money. Although this isn’t a Provably Fair crash game, it runs on RNG, delivering results that are random and unpredictable.

Pros & Cons

  • Unique gameplay
  • Infinite progression
  • Infinite win potential
  • Multiplying multipliers
  • Missions
  • Not Provably Fair
  • Below-average RTP
  • Low bet range
  • Difficult to identify own car
  • No multiple bets
  • No chat room
  • No free bets
  • Rather complicated

Theme, Graphics, and Soundtrack

Need For X Crash Game

Need For X crash game features a futuristic car-racing universe amped up with stunning graphics that leave no detail overlooked. From the meticulously crafted lanes and dividers to the vibrant street lamps and mysterious boxes, every element has been done to a T.

While the heart of the action unfolds in the center of the screen where the cars race, the surrounding scenery of buildings, trees, and shrubs adds depth. It almost looks like an electronic circuit board illuminated with neon hues.

The animation, though simple, looks butter-smooth. The complementing trance soundtrack and other audio elements tell us Onlyplay is not a crash game provider to execute half-baked ideas; it’s a perfectionist.

What sets Need For X apart from its peers is its departure from the conventional ‘object on a trajectory' formula. While the car still follows a path, it's you who dictates its movement, injecting a refreshing level of player agency into the gameplay.

In-Game Features and Functions

You will find the following list of in-game features and functions in the Need For X crash game:

  • Bet: place a bet to join the race.
  • Take: cash out.
  • Auto Bet: automate your bets.
  • Auto Take: auto-cashout at a specific multiplier coefficient.
  • Change The Lane: move your car to a different lane.
  • My Bets: view your bets.
  • All Bets: view bets by other players
  • Leaderboard: view your rank in the race.
  • Missions: complete tasks showing on the left of your screen for bonuses.
  • Progress: level up for bigger wins.
  • Mystery Boxes: hit a multiplier or a bomb.
  • Change Avatar: change the look of your profile.


The RTP of Need For X stands at 95%. Essentially, this indicates that over the long term, for every $100 wagered, you can expect to receive $95 back in winnings on average.

Now, individual outcomes can vary each time you play so you won’t get back $95 in every session you win. Sometimes you'll win more, sometimes you'll lose more. However, the more you engage with the game, the closer your returns will tend to align with the $95 average.

Now, the key point is that 95% RTP is considered below average, which is rather disappointing for a crash game as unique as Need For X. Compared to high-RTP crash games such as Dino by Upgaming, Aviator game by Spribe, and Blast by Bitsler, the game may seem unappealing.


Need For X is among the handful of crash games with revealed volatility. This one comes with medium volatility. Think of it as a roller coaster that's not too wild but still gives you a good rush.

You're not constantly on edge wondering when the next win will come or stuck in a dry spell for ages. A steady stream of mid-sized winnings keeps you going, with the occasional chance to hit a bigger one.

Maximum Win potential

Need For X crash game offers the opportunity for unlimited wins. At the time of writing this crash game review, the highest recorded win in the history of Need For X is an impressive 100,155x the initial bet!

The trick is to avoid the explosion and be in the game. You can play it safe without rushing in and hit the mystery boxes at your convenience. Unlike most other crash games, the ‘crash’ in it isn’t imminent, although it’s looming.

Remember, if you don’t hit any mystery box, you don’t stand the chance to get a multiplier that can increase your potential wins. Your bet remains constant, but you are never ejected out of the session. Also, note that the casino you choose is likely to set a maximum winning limit to ensure profitability. 

How to Play Need For X Online Crash Game for Real Money

  1. Join a real money crash gambling site that offers the game (pick one from this list).
  2. Deposit funds to your player account.
  3. Start the game for real money play.
  4. Place your bet to join the car race.
  5. Cash out before your car hits a bomb.

Need For X Tips and Tricks

Crash games rely entirely on luck, and the same goes for Need For X. No trick or tip can guarantee a win. Nonetheless, here are some worth applying:

  • Familiarize yourself with the game in demo mode before betting real money.
  • Don’t chase losses, never bet an amount you can’t afford to lose, and know when to quit.
  • Make use of crash game bonuses to raise the RTP of the overall session.
  • Bet small because the next mystery box could hide a bomb.
  • Apply roulette strategies in your gaming.

Ready to race up to the riches? Play Onlyplay’s Need For X at the top online crash betting sites today.


Is Need For X a real crash game?

Need For X is a real crash game where a multiplier increases with the chance of crashing. However, each player's multiplier increases independently, unaffected by other’s. Player A's multiplier crashing doesn't affect Player B's progress, adding individualized intensity to the gameplay experience.

Is it Provably Fair?

Need For X crash game lacks provable fairness. The outcome of individual sessions cannot be verified since there is no hash value to refer to.

Is it legal to play Need For X?

Need For X is a legal real money crash game. However, before playing it for real money, make sure gambling is legal in your country or jurisdiction. Also, remember to choose licensed crash casinos for a safer gambling experience.

Can I safely bet real money on Need For X?

You can safely bet real money on Need For X crash game as long as you choose to play it at a legitimate online casino. Beware of fraudulent casinos online.

What is the minimum betting requirement in the Need For X game?

Need For X lets you start with a minimum bet of $0.1, which makes it appealing for newbies, budget players, and low rollers.

What is the maximum betting requirement in the Need For X game?

Need For X allows you to bet a maximum of $50. You can stake this amount in one bet per round. To play the crash game at its top bet, remember to be adequately bankrolled.

What is the maximum winning potential in Need For X?

In Need For X, there is no ceiling on your potential winnings, although the associated crash gambling site may impose one.

Is there an option to play the Need For X for free?

You can play Need For X for free in demo mode. However, it won’t yield any real money winnings. To play the game for free and still win real money, play it on a crash betting site that offers no-deposit bonuses for crash games.

What strategies lead to win in the Need For X game?

There is no specific strategy to win in Need for X crash game. If you think you have accumulated enough multipliers, you can cash out to secure your winnings. Just remember to save your car from exploding.

Is winning real money possible in Need For X?

Absolutely! Winning real cash in Need For X is possible by betting real money at a reliable crash betting site. Ensure to cash out before the car explodes to secure your winnings.

Is the Need For X compatible with mobile devices?

Onlyplay has designed Need For X to work on mobile devices seamlessly.  Whether in demo or real money mode, you can enjoy it without any interruptions on smartphones and tablets alike.

What are the top alternatives to Need For X?

The best alternatives to Need For X are as follows:
Adrenaline Rush: XCrash by Evoplay
When Lambo by Onlyplay

Are there other crash games developed by Onlyplay?

Other crash games developed by Onlyplay include:
Cricket Crash
– F777 Fighter
– Limbo Cat
– Lucky Ocean
– Lucky Tanks
– Quantum X

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