Snoop's HotBox Crash Game Review: Puff Up Wins With Roobet

Snoop’s HotBox

RTP: 97%
Max Win: $500,000
Provider: Roobet
Provably Fair: Yes
Year of Release: 2023

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Drip away in Roobet’s Snoop’s HotBox crash game! Snoop Dogg’s got his infinity blunt rolled for a world tour. Join him as he lights up a live news report!

The longer his puff, the fatter your pocket gets! $500,000’s at stake, but here’s the deal: you need to cash out before he stops or watch your bet go up in smoke! Quite literally.

Read our no-holds-barred review of Snoop’s HotBox till the end. Try the crash game for free exclusively on Roobet Casino and drop it like hot once you’re ready to bet real money.

The edgiest excitement awaits!

Snoop's HotBox Crash Game


Year of release2023
ThemeSnoop Dogg
Bet range$0.01 – Unlimited
Win rangeup to $500,000
Free betsNo
Chat roomNo
Multiple betsNo
Demo modeYes

Deep Dive Into Snoop's HotBox: How It Works

Snoop's HotBox is Roobet’s Crash ‘Snoopified’: a rising multiplier dares you to cash out before it crashes and save your winnings. Yet, this is hands down one of the most entertaining crash games we've played in ages.

As the multiplayer gameplay unfolds you're in the thick of it, with Snoop himself in a live interview, hailing Mary Jane. A news ticker flashes the big breaking headlines blaring about his blunt.

Deep Dive Into Snoop's HotBox

Each round kicks off as he drags a puff and wraps when he releases it. You've got a tight 6 seconds to place your bet and get hotboxed.

As the burning blunt hovers mid-air, the scenery on the right starts rolling. You zoom past countries and landscapes packed with Snoop Dogg nods. Your ride comes to a halt when the round ends.

A multiplier is tied to the blunt; the longer it burns, the bigger your potential payout. It’s game over the moment Snoop releases his puff. You ought to cash out before that happens, or watch your winnings vanish like a puff of smoke!

Snoop's HotBox crash game and How It Works

You can toss in anywhere from $0.01 to whatever you wish in a single bet, but don't get too greedy – winnings cap at $500,000.

Want to sit back and let the game do the heavy lifting? Use the auto cashout feature to preset a multiplier cash point.

In short, Snoop's HotBox is as whacked out as the Dogg himself. It’s laden with Snoop-style humor and his Ganjaroo swag. And guess what? It's Provably Fair, so you know you're getting a square deal every time.

Join the rapper on this smokin' adventure and let the cash roll in!

Pros & Cons

  • Wacky theme
  • Provably Fair
  • Wide betting range
  • Above-average RTP
  • Room for big bets
  • Fun audio-visual elements
  • Backed by Snoop Dogg
  • Capped win potential
  • Single bet per round
  • Rather simple autocashout
  • No free bets
  • No chatroom
  • Addictive

Theme, Graphics, and Soundtrack

The theme of Snoop's HotBox is a first in the crash gambling scene. It’s part of what's being called the ‘Roo thang lineup,' thanks to Roobet’s collab with the legend. Who better to lead the charge than Snoop himself, the firm’s Chief Ganjaroo Officer?

The game is unmistakably Snoop Dogg – in the leaf it trusts! Expect a quirky and humorous vibe with Snoop references everywhere you look.

Animals smoking it up, Snoop on billboards, Snoop sand castles, Snoop farmlands, Snoop cruise lines, Snoop yachts, Snoop sightseeing buses, Snoop’s oasis, Snoopa Lisa, Statue of Snooperty, and heck, even President Dogg on Mount Rushmore – it’s a wild Snoop fest!

Snoop's HotBox Theme Graphics and Soundtrack

The breaking news headlines add to the fun. Ever heard of a pandemic sparked by Snoop's hotboxing antics? Or the Great Sphinx of Giza cracking a smile? How about a blunt so massive it dwarfs the Great Wall of China? It's hilarious!

As the puffing session wraps up, the game crashes, and you're treated to Snoop's bold responses to the journalist's questions. But while the soundtrack sets the stage for rap, it would've been even better with Snoop's iconic tunes.

The sound effects bring the burning blunt to life, with Snoop's voice and the sound of him blowing smoke adding to the thrill. It's like you're right in the middle of the action!

Visually, the game is sharp and vibrant. The animations are buttery smooth, even when the scenery starts rolling fast. While it's optimized for all devices, bigger screens offer a clearer and more immersive experience.

We put it through its paces on various devices – from top-of-the-line to ancient relics. The game held up well across the board, with no lagging or crashing, except when the internet connection was dodgy.

But hey, with all that animation packed in, that's to be expected!

Features and Functions

Snoop's HotBox comes packed with these features:

  • Bet Amount: set your stake amount.
    • ½: halve your current bet.
    • X/2: double your current bet.
    • Max: stake the maximum bet.
  • Place Bet: place your bet.
  • Cancel Bet: take your bet back.
  • Cash Out: collect your winnings.
  • Auto Cashout: set a multiplier to automatically cash out.
  • Live Bets: view the bets and crash points of fellow players.
  • Leaderboard: view the top 3 biggest and the luckiest wins of all time.
  • Results strip: find it below the news ticker with the crash points of up to 17 rounds.
  • Provably Fair: click on any win multiplier to get its unique round ID and hash.
Snoop's HotBox Theme Graphics and Soundtrack

A little about the provable fairness of Snoop's HotBox :

While it’s great that the crash game is Provably Fair, verifying the hashes for the main crash points is difficult, especially if you are new to the concept and have no clue where and how to begin (here's more about Provably Fair technology).

For starters, you’d need to visit Roobet’s CodeSandbox and sign up to use the tool.

You'll find a template displayed on your screen. Copy that entire thing and create a new React Sandbox to paste it (super tricky for noobs).

Now, copy the hash of any win multiplier. Find the part that says hotboxHash = "" in the template you pasted earlier and paste the hash between the empty quotation marks.

That's it! The resulting ‘Console’ will now show the win multiplier, thus proving the round’s fairness (17.79x in this case).

Snoop's HotBox Theme Graphics and Soundtrack

A good thing is that the game also lets you verify the results of your own bets without hassles.

Simply scroll beyond the game screen to find ‘My Wagers,’ click the information icon next to the bet in question, and click ‘Verify Bet.’ This will provide all the information needed.

This is way easier!

Snoop's HotBox Theme Graphics and Soundtrack


The RTP for Snoop's HotBox is 97%, just like other crash games of Roobet origin. The casino doesn't make this info readily available when you load the game. We had to reach out to customer support to find out.

For the average Joe, not having easy access to crucial information right off the bat isn't ideal. Anyway, in theory, for every $100 you bet, the game will pay back $97 in the long run. Now, you won't pocket $97 every time you bet, but the more rounds you play, the closer you'll get to that average.

Given that this crash game is exclusive to Roobet and boasts such a unique theme, we were hoping for a higher RTP. In this one aspect, and only this, Snoop’s HotBox falls short of expectations.


The game's volatility isn't officially stated. But from our experience, it's low. The multiplier doesn't crash immediately after a round starts. Instead, it gradually builds up to a small value, resulting in a steady flow of small wins.

Maximum Win Potential

Snoop's HotBox by Roobet can fetch you up to $500,000 in a single round. The game doesn't specify the maximum win multiplier or the top bet. So, you could snag the highest prize with a $100,000 bet at 5x, a $150,000 bet at 3.33x, a $200,000 bet at 2.5x, or even a $200,000 bet at 2x multiplier.

YouTuber SteveWillDoIt bagged the current top win, clinching a whopping $116,850.98 with a $40,000 bet at 2.92x. The current luckiest winner is Twitcher Facubanzas who managed to cash out at an unbelievable 420x, pocketing $420 from just a $1 bet.

How to Play Snoop's HotBox Crash Game Online for Real Money

Playing Snoop's HotBox for real money is easy. Just follow these 7 steps:

  1. Create a player account on Roobet Casino.
  2. Fund the account with money.
  3. Find Snoop's HotBox within Roobet Exclusives games.
  4. Launch the crash game in real money mode.
  5. Place your bet and watch Snoop take a puff.
  6. Follow the growing multiplier tied to the burning blunt.
  7. Cash out before Snoop releases the puff to crash the multiplier.

Snoop's HotBox Tips and Tricks

Snoop's HotBox, just like any other crash money game, is all about luck. There are no guaranteed wins no matter what strategies you use.

Nonetheless, the following tips might help:

  • Know the game by playing it in demo mode – it's free!
  • Only gamble with money you can afford to lose.
  • Look for bonuses on Roobet that you can use to crash gamble; this will raise the RTP of your gaming session.
  • Bet big and cash out early when the RTP is at its highest – just like SteveWillDoIt.
  • Bet small and wait for the multiplier to peak before cashing out – just like Facubanza.
  • Experiment with different betting strategies like Martingale, D'Alembert, and Labouchere.

Ready to smoke it up with Snoop Dogg? Sign up on Roobet and start your puff-tastic adventure already!


Is Snoop's HotBox a real or a fake crash game?

Snoop's HotBox is a real crash game exclusive to Roobet Casino. It’s part of the lineup of games and bonuses that follow Roobet’s collaboration with Snoop Dogg, the iconic rapper.

Is it Provably Fair?

Snoop's HotBox is Provably Fair. To verify a crash point, sign up with Roobet’s Code Sandbox, paste the displayed hash next to “hotboxHash” in quotes, and check the ‘Console' for the win multiplier. Simple as that.

Is Snoop's HotBox legal?

You can legally crash gamble in Snoop's HotBox on Roobet Casino if real-money online gambling is allowed where you are and Roobet accepts players from your country.

Is it safe to bet real money on Snoop's HotBox game?

Betting real money on Snoop's HotBox is safe if done responsibly. Only gamble what you can afford to lose. Bet with your own money and view the game as a source of entertainment, not income. Roobet is a secure crypto casino, but beware when using public WiFi to access it.

What is the minimum bet in Snoop's HotBox?

The minimum bet in Snoop's HotBox crash game is $0.01, catering perfectly to low rollers.

What is the maximum bet in Snoop's HotBox?

Bet as much as you like in Snoop's HotBox crash game; there's no cap. Just make sure you've got the funds to back your bets. Also, remember, the maximum you can win is $500,000.

What is the maximum win potential of Snoop's HotBox?

Snoop's HotBox lets you win up to $500,000 per round, but there's no limit on how much you can bet. So, you could score big with a hefty bet at a low multiplier.

Can I play Snoop's HotBox crash game for free?

Roobet offers Snoop's HotBox in demo mode. Toggle to ‘Fun Mode' to play for free with play money. Alternatively, use a no-deposit bonus for a chance to win real money without risking your own.

Can I win real money in Snoop's HotBox game?

Snoop's HotBox is a real money crash game where you can bet and win cash. But remember to switch to the real money mode at the bottom of the game screen. Cash in before Snoop finishes his puff to secure your winnings.

Can I play Snoop's HotBox on mobile?

Roobet made Snoop's HotBox mobile-friendly for gaming on the go. But for the ultimate experience, playing on a desktop is best. The bigger screen and clearer visuals make the game more enjoyable.

What are the best alternatives to the Snoop's HotBox crash gambling game?

These crash games are the best alternatives to Snoop's HotBox:
Goblin Run by Evoplay – an endless runner-style 3D game
Aviator by Spribe – the most popular aviation-themed game
Big Bass Crash by Pragmatic Play – part of the iconic Big Bass franchise

What are other crash games by Roobet?

Additional exclusive crash games such as Roobet are:
Jungle Mines
– Mines
– Yeti Cash Dash
– Mission Uncrossable
– Towers

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