Thunder Crash Game Review: Astronomical Wins With Thunderpick

Thunder Crash

RTP: Unknown
Max Win: Undefined
Provider: Thunderpick
Provably Fair: Yes
Year of Release: 2020

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Thunder Crash, Thunderpick Casino’s original multiplayer crash game seems like it can deliver the kind of experience every crash gambler seeks. With an aviation theme and provable fairness, it promises to take you on an exhilarating journey through the sky of riches – just like Spribe’s Aviator.

As your lucky plane soars, the multiplier climbs alongside. The higher the flight, the bigger it grows. To secure your potential wins, you must cash out before the plane crashes. If luck is on your side, you could walk away with over $300K in winnings!

However, despite the jazz displayed loud and clear, Thunder Crash isn’t among the best crash gambling games out there. Yes, it’s Provably Fair. Yes, it’s fun to play and perhaps even worth obsessing over. But when it comes to features and win potential, it fails to impress.

Read our Thunder Crash game review till the end to know why.

Thunder Crash by Thunderpick


Year of release2020
Bet range$0.11 – Undefined
Win rangeUndefined
Free betsNo
Chat roomNo
Multiple betsNo
Demo modeYes

Deep Dive Into Thunder Crash: How It Works

Thunderpick’s Thunder Crash follows the typical rules for aviation-themed crash games. Every round begins with an airplane all set to take off into the skies. You’ve got exactly 6 seconds to decide if you want to hop in.

Within this window, you must place your bet and prepare for the takeoff. Thunder Crash restricts you to placing only one bet at a time, which is why you must be careful about your chosen stake. The minimum you can bet is $0.11. However, the maximum bet amount can vary from one round to the next.

We aren’t sure why this is the case. There’s no mention of it in the game’s basic information, which is vague anyway. Even the casino’s support has failed to give a solid, believable reason. Nevertheless, the variation is directly related to the maximum win amount, which again, varies from one round to the next.

Thunderpick says the game’s win multiplier can reach up to 80x. There is no way to confirm this because win history is not disclosed elaborately. You get to check the results of only up to 8 recent rounds. But, while playing the game, we have seen the multiplier crossing 1000x.

Thunder Crash multiplier crossing

Keeping all this in mind, we will assume two things:

  • There is no fixed limit on the top bet amount.
  • There is no disclosed maximum win multiplier (although there could be a limit internally set).

A general observation about Thunder Crash is that the maximum win amount in any given round stays above $300,000. Without knowing the bet range and the maximum win multiplier, you can aim for this win amount only if you place a big bet. For instance, if you bet $300 and the multiplier crosses 1000x, you could win an amount close to the top win value of a round.

Regarding gameplay, the multiplier kicks in as soon as the round begins and the plane starts flying. Your goal is to cash out before the plane crashes. The challenge here is to time your cashout. Remember, the game can crash even at 1x leading to a no-win.

Despite all the disappointment regarding the game’s win potential, a good thing about Thunderpick’s Thunder Crash is its provable fairness. There’s no way to predict the randomness of any outcome, which makes the crash game transparent and offers peace of mind.

The hash value of each round is displayed clearly on top of the game screen before it begins. After the round ends, you can view the cryptographic salt of the outcome as well. All you need to do is find a SHA256 generator tool online, feed in the salt followed by the win multiplier of the round, and match the resulting hash to the one the game displays.

Pros & Cons

  • Provably Fair
  • High win potential
  • Two gaming modes
  • Two loading modes
  • Great graphics
  • Enticing music
  • Single bet
  • Undefined RTP
  • Undefined bet range
  • Undefined max multiplier
  • Varied win potential per round
  • No free bets
  • No chat feature
  • No elaborate win history
  • Demo game can only be watched

Theme, Graphics, and Soundtrack

Thunder Crash Gameplay

With Thunder Crash, Thunderpick has clearly jumped onto the bandwagon of aviation-themed crash games. In fact, it has even embraced the trend of offering exclusive crash games wholeheartedly – something every premiere crypto betting site out there is currently doing in an attempt to stand out from the crowd.

The problem is the concept lacks novelty. Aviation-themed crash games have become commonplace, losing their allure and excitement over time. Seeing a plane on a trajectory tied to a multiplier, poised for a crash, has grown somewhat monotonous.

Thunder Crash has chosen to walk the same path, albeit with an attempt to spice things up by introducing two different modes each for loading and gaming. You can normally load the game with its graphics and animation in full glory or switch to a ‘Light’ theme where only the multiplier appears.

Thunder Crash multiplier

Again, you can load the original ‘Classic’ version of the crash game prior to its redesign or toggle to the ‘New’ version. The former has rather boring visuals although the aviation theme is intact. In it, a blue plane soars over the ocean until it crashes.

Thunder Crash visuals aviation theme

The newer version carries the same aviation theme, albeit against a dystopian backdrop. Your lucky plane comes in varied colors and looks pretty rad. From floating birds to smiling faces, guinea pigs, spacecraft, and what not, this one’s got some crazy visuals.

Thunder Crash Gameplay

With Thunder Crash being a multiplayer game, you will notice fellow players when they cash out. The graphics and animation team at Thunderpick truly deserves applause for their work. The attention to detail, particularly with cashed-out players depicted as jumping off the plane, is simply fantastic.

A downside of this crash game, however, is the absence of a soundtrack, which could have amped up the overall experience. But then, we also know of players who would turn off the game sounds the moment they load the game. For them, this crash game offers one less thing to worry about.

Features and Function

Thunder Crash comes with the following features and functions:

  • Bet: decide your stake amount.
  • Quick Bets: top up your stake amount.
  • Place Bet: stake the decided amount.
  • Cancel: take your bet back before the round starts.
  • Cash-Out: secure your potential wins before the multiplier crashes.
  • Autobet: decide a base bet to auto-place in every round and return to it or increase it by 2x upon winning or losing.
  • Auto Cashout: set a multiplier to cash-out automatically.
  • Live Bets: view live bets placed by other players
  • Hash: view the hash value of a round before it starts.
  • New/Classic: toggle between the gaming modes.
  • Normal/Light: toggle between the loading modes.


The RTP of Thunder Crash has not been officially disclosed. Interestingly, Thunderpick has a huge text section underneath the game describing ‘House Edge.’ However, conspicuously absent is any mention of the specific House Edge for the crash game itself.

Nevertheless, the Bitcoin casino claims to offer a house edge lower than most. Going by the RTP of popular crypto casino-borne crash games such as Crash by Roobet and Crash by Duelbits, we can assume the RTP of Thunder Crash to be around 96%.

This is still an about-average value that can, in theory, offer you around $96 for every $100 you bet in the long run. Do not misinterpret this figure as an immediate payout of about $96 for every $100 bet per round.

RTP is a statistical average calculated over the long term. It means that the more rounds you play, the nearer your average return will get to approximately $96 in this game. We must also mention here that crash games with higher RTP exist. Two such titles are Dino by Upgaming with an RTP of 99% and Blast by Bitsler with an RTP of 98%.


Like that of most crash games, the volatility of Thunder Crash has not been officially disclosed by Thunderpick. However, from our experience, it seems to be moderately volatile, delivering steady streaks of medium-sized wins.

Maximum Win Potential

Thunder Crash does not come with a defined maximum bet or win multiplier. Its top win varies from one round to the next. However, after observing the game over several rounds, it looks like the maximum win amount always remains greater than $300,000.

How to Play Thunder Crash Game Online for Real Money

  1. Register at Thunderpick for real money crash gambling.
  2. Add funds to your player account.
  3. Load Thunder Crash for real money play.
  4. Pick your gaming (New/Classic) and loading (Normal/Light) modes.
  5. Place your bet before your lucky plane flies.
  6. Cash out before the plane crashes.

Thunder Crash Tips and Tricks

Thunder Crash is a game of chance where strategies don't particularly work. Nevertheless, here are a few suggestions to elevate your gaming experience:

  • Start with the demo to understand the game before using real money; you cannot play it, but you can definitely watch it.
  • Only bet what you're comfortable losing; a wise gambler knows when to quit.
  • Use Thunderpick bonuses, preferably no-deposit offers to boost the overall RTP of the gaming session.
  • Bet big and cash out early when the multiplier is low but the RTP is high.
  • Bet small and wait for the multiplier to increase significantly before cashing; this is a low-risk strategy with potentially bigger returns.
  • Experiment with roulette strategies like Martingale, D'Alembert, or Labouchere.

Ready to play Thunder Crash for real money? Head to Thunderpick – one of the top real money crash gambling sites!


Is Thunder Crash a real crash game?

Thunder Crash is a real and exclusive game by Curacao eGaming-licensed Thunderpick casino. In it, a multiplier grows until it crashes. You can bet and cash out before the crash to win real money.

Is it Provably Fair?

Thunder Crash is a Provably Fair crash game. It displays a hash value for every round before it begins and then a cryptocurrency salt that lets you verify the hash with a SHA256 generator tool.

Is it possible to legally play Thunder Crash?

You can play Thunder Crash legally for real money if online gambling is lawful in your country. Also, make sure Thunderpick, the crypto betting site offering the game accepts players from your country.

Is it safe to bet real money on Thunderpick’s Thunder Crash?

Betting money on Thunderpick’s Thunder Crash or in fact, any crash game is as secure as you make it. Thunderpick Casino’s license offers peace of mind. But remember that no crash game guarantees a win. Also, beware when playing the game over public Wi-Fi as hackers may be snooping.

What is the minimum bet in Thunder Crash?

You can start your real-money crash gambling experience in the Thunder Crash with a minimum bet of $0.11. This lower bet limit makes it an appealing choice for low rollers and novices.

What is the maximum bet in Thunder Crash?

There is no fixed maximum bet limit for playing Thunder Crash. It will vary from one round to the next depending on what Thunderpick chooses as the maximum win limit (which is always more than $300,000).

What is the highest win potential in Thunder Crash?

In Thunder Crash, the top win always goes beyond $300,000. However, the exact amount is not fixed and varies from one round to the next. Also, the crash game lacks a defined limit for the maximum bet and maximum win multiplier.

Is Thunder Crash available for free play?

Thunder Crash is not accessible for free online play in demo mode. You can only watch it. However, if you have a no-deposit bonus from Thunderpick, you can play the game at the casino’s expense and even win real money.

Is it possible to win real money in Thunder Crash?

It is possible to win real money in Thunder Crash only when you stake real money in the game. In fact, this is the only way of playing the game. To win, you must cash out before the plane crashes.

Is Thunder Crash playable on mobile?

Thunderpick has tailored Thunder Crash specifically for mobile gaming. Whether you're on a smartphone or tablet, the game seamlessly loads on your device regardless of the browser and screen size. All the features, modes, graphics, and animations translate well on the mobile crash game.

What are some of the best alternatives to Thunder Crash?

These are the top alternatives to Thunderpick’s Thunder Crash::
Aviator by Spribe
AviatriX by Aviatrix Bet
Aero by Turbo Games

What other crash games does Thunderpick offer?

At the time of writing this review, Thunder Crash is Thunderpick’s only exclusive crash game. However, the casino offers real money crash games from other providers, too. Notable titles include Evoplay’s Goblin Run and Pragmatic Play’s Big Bass Crash.

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