When Lambo Crash Game Review: Drive To Thrive With Onlyplay

When Lambo

RTP: 95%
Max Win: Unlimited
Provider: Onlyplay
Provably Fair: No
Year of Release: 2023

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Imagine cruising in a Lamborghini so sleek it makes butter jealous. Onlyplay’s When Lambo crash game is a reminiscent of the good old days when one would use the expression and dream of being rich enough to afford such luxury.

Well, Lamborghini or not, this multiplayer game does promise limitless winnings. Amid Onlyplay’s thrilling games like F777 Fighter, Quantum X, and Need For X, When Lambo shines bright, captivating players with its excitement and the promise of limitless winnings.



Year of release2023
ThemeCar, Drive
Bet range$1 – $100
Win rangeUnlimited
Free betsNo
Chat roomNo
Multiple betsYes
Demo modeYes

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Deep Dive Into When Lambo: How It Works

When Lambo works just like other popular crash games where a multiplier increases as the game progresses. Every round starts with a sleek Lamborghini ready to hit the road.

While it refuels, you have the chance to place up to two bets, ranging from $1 – $100 with both bets activated. This is also your window for canceling any bet placed. Once the Lamborghini starts the drive and moves forward, the multiplier kicks in.

You can only cash out now. All along the way, you will find nitro canisters that can increase the multiplier coefficient by 1.2 or result in an explosion. For instance, a 14.52x multiplier increases to 17.42x after fueling with a nitro canister.

However, if an explosion happens, the Lamborghini crashes, and the round ends. Your goal is to cash out before the crash and secure your winnings gained so far.

Pros & Cons

  • Infinite, uncapped winnings
  • Nitro bonus feature
  • Not Provably Fair
  • Below-average RTP
  • Addictive

Theme, Graphics, and Soundtrack


When Lambo beckons with a theme that's an audio-visual feast. The crash game has neat graphics that paint a vivid cityscape, capturing the essence of scenic coastal drives. A red Lamborghini is ready to take you on your lucky ride to riches, albeit slowly.

Blue nitro canisters are strewn along the way for you to pick. A successful refueling sparkles your car and an explosion crashes it beyond recognition. Complementing this adventure is a peppy soundtrack coupled with various sound effects for authenticity.

The sound of the explosion in particular is well-designed. Other than that, the animations are smooth. The attention to detail is worth mentioning, especially in the nuances such as the Lamborghini headlights gleaming during refueling, the emission of exhaust while driving, and the realistic wheel separation during crashes.

In-Game Features and Functions

You will find the following list of in-game features and functions:

  • Make Bet: place up to two bets.
  • Cancel: take your bet(s) back.
  • Take: cash out.
  • Auto Bet: automatically places bet(s).
  • Auto Take: cash out automatically upon reaching a specific multiplier.
  • Nitro Bonus: hit a nitro canister to increase the multiplier coefficient by 1.2 or crash.
  • My Bets: view your bets in the game.
  • Players: view the bets made by participating players.
  • Smiley Face Bar: show your emotions on the game screen with an emoticon.


Onlyplay's When Lambo has an RTP of 95% suggesting a theoretical return of $95 for every $100 wagered in the long run. This is a below-average percentage compared to those of crash games such as Aviator, Crash X, JetX3, Rocketman, Rich Rocket, and Dino.


The game's volatility is officially unknown. But we believe it to be highly volatile. The Lamborghini keeps crashing early on more often than not. The multiplier rises to a decent value only occasionally; rarely does it result in a big win. What we are left with is a lot of no-wins followed by small wins.

Maximum Win Potential

As for the maximum win potential, you can stake up to $100 ($50 per bet) during gameplay, with no ceiling on potential winnings, presenting an opportunity for unlimited wins. However, the casinos will almost always cap the winning amount.

How to Play When Lambo Online Crash Game for Real Money

  1. Register at a trusted crash betting site offering When Lambo.
  2. Add funds to your player account.
  3. Start the game for real money play.
  4. Place the bets before the Lamborghini hits the road.
  5. Cash out your winnings before the car explodes.

When Lambo Tips and Tricks

In When Lambo, we cannot predict the outcome, just like in other crash games. No guaranteed winning strategy exists. However, there are some tricks to up your chances:

  • Learn the game with the demo option.
  • Only use money you can afford to lose.
  • Don't rush to recover losses; it's ok to lose.
  • Boost the RTP with bonuses.
  • Bet big and cash out early when the RTP is the highest.
  • Bet small and wait for the multiplier to grow before cashing out.
  • Try betting strategies like Labouchere, D'Alembert, and Martingale.

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Is When Lambo Crash Game real or fake?

When Lambo is a real crash game developed by Onlyplay that you can play for real money. You stand a chance to receive real money winnings when playing at a reputable crash gambling casino with real money.

Is it Provably Fair?

When Lambo is not a Provably Fair crash game. You cannot verify each round's result since there is no hash value generated before a round starts.

Is When Lambo legal?

When Lambo by Onlyplay is a legitimate real money crash game by the provider available for online play. However, before betting real money in it, make sure online real-money gambling is legal in your country. Also, always opt for licensed crash betting casinos.

Is it safe to bet real money on When Lambo online game?

When Lambo, like all crash games, doesn't guarantee wins. Nevertheless, it is safe to bet real money on it at licensed, trustworthy crash casinos known for timely winnings. Playing at a rogue casino poses a risk to your funds.

What is the minimum bet in When Lambo?

Betting in Onlyplay’s When Lambo crash game starts at $1, which makes it an attractive option for low-rollers.

What is the maximum bet in When Lambo?

When Lambo crash game allows a maximum bet of $50 per bet and $100 with both bets activated.

What is the maximum win potential of When Lambo?

There is no limit on potential winnings, offering a chance for limitless wins. However, the casinos will almost always cap the winnings.

Can I play When Lambo crash game for free?

Onlyplay’s When Lambo can be played for free in demo mode or with a no-deposit bonus. The demo mode includes betting with play money but doesn't yield real money winnings, while a no-deposit bonus presents the opportunity to win real money.

Can I win real money in When Lambo game?

Yes, When Lambo is a real money crash game offering the chance to win real cash. However, you need to cash out before the crash after placing a bet. Also, this crash game relies on chance, so winning is not guaranteed. Consider it a source of entertainment rather than income.

Can I play When Lambo on mobile?

Onlyplay has designed When Lambo to be compatible with all devices, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The crash game loads seamlessly across various screen sizes and browsers, providing an enjoyable experience in both free demo and real money versions.

What are the best alternatives to the When Lambo crash gambling game?

Top alternatives to When Lambo by Onlyplay include:
– Dino by Upgaming
– CricketX by SmartSoft
Mary’s Mining Mania by Evoplay
– Dragon Flare by iMoon

What are other crash games by Onlyplay?

Some other crash games by Onlyplay are as follows:
Cricket Crash
– F777 Fighter
– Limbo Cat
– Lucky Ocean
– Lucky Tanks
– QuantumX
Need For X

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