What Is Crash Gambling and How Does It Work?

Post date: August 2, 2019
Crash Gambling

Crash gambling, the hottest trend in the world of online gambling, is as simple as it is thrilling. Here's the lowdown: you bet on a steadily increasing multiplier that's usually linked to a moving object or your actions.

The multiplier decides your potential winnings. The longer it climbs, the bigger your potential payout becomes. But here's the twist – it's bound to crash at some point and you must cash out before it does. If you do, you secure your winnings. If not, you kiss your bet goodbye.

It’s that easy-peasy. No complicated rules. No rocket science. But don't mistake simplicity for boredom. Crash gambling is far from dull. The excitement comes from the anticipation of the crash and the rush to cash out on time to snag your winnings.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the basics of crash gambling, explaining its mechanics and highlighting its standout features in detail.

The Key Components

Crash gambling isn't your typical casino fare. The appeal lies in its incredible simplicity. Forget intricate card strategies, hand rankings, and roulette patterns. Crash games are easy to understand and quick to play because not much goes on in them. Well, at least not visibly.

There are four key components to crash money betting:

  • The option to bet
  • The rising multiplier
  • The progress of the game
  • The option to cash out

The Option to Bet

You get to place your bet to crash gamble before a round begins. A brief betting phase of 10 seconds or less lasts between every two rounds. Within this window, you must decide whether you want to join in.

Depending on the game you pick, you can crash gamble with just one bet per round or even multiple. Here are a few examples:

Crash by Roobet Casino lets you place a single bet per round.

In Spribe’s Aviator game, you can place two bets at once.

Spribes aviator crash game

Then, JetX3 by SmartSoft Gaming lets you place up to three bets in a single round.

JetX3 by smartsoft gaming

Evoplay’s October Pub and SmartSoft Gaming’s Cappadocia beat the rest, letting you place up to five bets in one go.

Evoplay's October pub
Smartsoft gaming's cappadocia

In multi-bet crash gambling, you have the flexibility to vary your stake sizes across the placed bets. For instance, you can stake a small amount in one and a bigger one in the other or equal amounts in all. You can even choose to proceed with a single bet.

Most crash games will let you auto-bet if you don’t want to place bets manually. This is where you set up the game to play on your behalf. You choose a bet size, the number of rounds to play, and possibly the thresholds of profit and loss at which to stop auto-betting.

You can increase the bet size upon a win or loss or revert to the default settings. Whichever way you program a crash game for auto-betting, every round proceeds until the multiplier crashes.

The Rising Multiplier

A multiplier in a crash game is a coefficient that increases your bet to determine the potential winnings. It typically starts at 1x at the beginning of each round and keeps growing until it crashes. 

It’s called a multiplier because if you cash out before it crashes, your bet is multiplied by its coefficient at the time of your exit. This is your payout for the round.

For instance, if you cash out at a 10x multiplier with a $100 bet, your payout would be $100 X 10 = $1000.

Automatic vs. Manual Growth

How the multiplier grows depends on the crash game you pick to play. It can be any of the two scenes:

  • The multiplier activates at the beginning of the round and increases automatically without the need for manual intervention.
  • The multiplier remains inactive at the start of the round and only begins to grow when prompted by your actions.

Following are some examples:

In AviatriX by Aviatrix Bet, the multiplier is tied to the lucky plane, which is basically an object in motion. It activates the moment the round begins. As it rises, the multiplier increases on its own.

AviatriX by Aviatrix

Similarly, in CricketX from SmartSoft Gaming, the object in motion is a cricket ball. It is tied to the multiplier, which starts with the round and grows automatically as the ball soars.

CricketX from SmartSoft Gaming

Meanwhile, 1000x Busta by Relax Gaming doesn’t have any object on a trajectory. You see the multiplier kicking in when the round begins and increasing until it crashes. The action resembles a graph being plotted live.

1000x Busta by Relax Gaming

Another similar crash gambling game is Bustabit with an automatically rising graph line representing the multiplier.

Bustabit automatically rising graph line

And then, we have Evoplay’s October Pub, where the multiplier progresses completely differently. When you bet to enter a round, it isn’t activated automatically until you make a move. Your action helps it rise or crash.

Every click fills up the beer glass on the screen. If it reaches a certain pre-set multiplier mark, your potential winnings increase. However, if you don't hit the mark, the round resets. 

Evoplays October pub crash game

BeerHalla by Mancala Gaming has a similar route for its multiplier, although it works a tad differently. It’s a mine-themed crash game unfolding on a 9×4 grid with nine rows, each with four beer barrels.

You must click a barrel in each row to move up. The game begins with the bottom row, where clicking any of the four barrels sets off the round. If it reveals beer, the first multiplier is triggered and you progress to the next row. If it reveals a skull, you lose, and the round resets.

The higher up you go, the bigger the multiplier becomes. There are five difficulty levels; each one has a different ratio of barrels to skulls and different multiplier values.

BeerHalla by Mancala gaming

Likewise, in Perfect Fishing by Evoplay, the multiplier moves with your actions, albeit in a more complex manner. In this game, you take on the role of a fisherman looking to catch some fish. When you bet, he throws his line into the water.

You must click the fish button to bait the fish in the water and then the stop button to reveal whether he’s caught a fish. If he manages to catch one, you can collect the associated multiplier win or trade the fish for a chance at a bigger multiplier.

If he doesn’t catch anything, you lose your bet.

Perfect Fishing by Evoplay

The multiplier in the crash game Need for X by Onlyplay works differently again. The game has multiple cars racing along a double-lane road. One of them is yours. As the gameplay proceeds, mystery boxes appear in both of the lanes.

These boxes can reveal a multiplier or a bomb. If it’s a multiplier, your winnings are boosted and you keep driving. If it’s a bomb, you lose.

The game has buttons that let you switch between the right and left lanes at any time, so you’re in control of where the car goes and which mystery boxes you hit. This directly impacts how your multiplier grows. 

Need for X by Onlyplay

Common vs. Independent Multipliers

It’s also worth pointing out that in crash games where you can place multiple bets, each bet may or may not be associated with the same multiplier.

For instance, the two bets in Aviator are linked to the same multiplier, so when it crashes, both bets are settled at the same time if you haven’t cashed them out yet.

In contrast, the three bets in JetX3 are tied to three distinct multipliers. They kick in at the same time but progress independently. You never know which multiplier crashes when. The results can be different for each bet.

Likewise, in October Pub, the five bets are tied to five different multipliers. However, since game progression relies on your actions, the multipliers don't activate simultaneously. Once activated, they advance at different rates, influenced by your actions. So, the outcome may differ for each bet.

Again, in multiplayer crash games where several players participate at the same time, the multiplier may or may not be common to all players.

For instance, in Rocketman by Elbet all players bet on the same multiplier linked to the rising rocket. Meanwhile, in Need for X, the multiplier associated with your car's progress operates independently from those of other players' cars.

Limited vs. Unlimited Multipliers

The crash game you choose may or may not put a limit on how high the multiplier can reach. If a limit has been set and it’s reached, the game automatically cashes out for you provided you haven't done so already, and then resets for the next round.

Here are some examples of crash games with their max multipliers:

  • Cash or Crash by Funky Games: 99x
  • Crash by BitStarz: 100,000x
  • Hyper Xplorer by Mancala Gaming: 999,999.99x
  • Need For X: Unlimited

The Progress of the Game

As is evident in our discussion regarding the growth of the multiplier, different crash games progress differently. 

The simplest ones are akin to plotting a graph where the game's progression is denoted by a rising line. The finest examples are Bustabit and 1000x Busta.

The Progress of the Game
The Progress of the Game

In others, an object on a trajectory represents the progress. Something is on the move – whether in the form of a plane soaring or a rocket rising.

For instance, Rich Rocket by Lucky Elephant has a rocket moving along a graph line. The concept here is the same as that of Bustabit and 1000x Busta, but it’s all jazzed up with the colorful rocket at the end of the line.

Rich Rocket by Lucky Elephant

Similarly, in Aviator, which has an aviation theme, the lucky plane in flight shows the progression of the game.

Aviator flight shows the progress

Now, the object ‘soaring up’ is common in these games. Nonetheless, we also have games where the action is reserved and the object ‘soars down.’ Yellow Diver by GameArt is the best example. In it, a submarine descends, depicting the game’s progression.

Yellow Diver by GameArt

We also have crash games where the object proceeds linearly. For instance, When Lambo by Onlyplay shows the lateral view of a Lamborghini in motion.

When Lambo by Onlyplay

A similar crash game is Gaming Corps' Stormy Witch built on the cliched idea of a witch riding a broomstick, albeit linearly.

Stormy Witch crash game

Next, there are endless runner crash games where the central character runs through a neverending environment until the multiplier crashes. The direction is never specific, although it’s typically linear and never backward.

The Evoplay crash games, Goblin Run and Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries are the perfect examples.

Goblin Run and Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries by Evoplay
Goblin Run and Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries by Evoplay

Onlyplay’s Need for X deserves a mention, too. It runs on the provider’s Infinity Play mechanics, which means the game is infinitely running.

It’s different from endless runner games because there are no ‘rounds’ in it. The progression never stops. You can join in at any time. All you need to do is place a bet.

Meanwhile, mine crash games progress differently based on your actions.

For instance, Mines by Spribe unfolds on a 5×5 grid with tiles. The game progresses when you click a tile to reveal a star tied to a multiplier. It doesn’t matter in what order you click the tiles. If you reveal a mine, the round ends.

Mines by Spribe 5×5 Grid

Gaming Corps’ Angry Elf: Christmas Miner, Turbo Games’ Bayraktar, and Roobet’s Jungle Mines offer similar experiences. Mancala Gaming’s BeerHalla, too, works in the same way. However, the game needs you to start at the bottom row of beer barrels and work your way up.

Mancala Gamings BeerHalla crash game

Evoplay’s October Pub again deserves a mention in this regard. Each beer glass is to be filled to reach preset multipliers to win, which means the progression is always vertical. However, each glass progresses independently.

Evoplay’s October Pub crash game

The Option to Cash Out

To win at crash gambling, you must cash out before the multiplier crashes. This is why these games are also known as ‘cashout games.’

Basically, it means hitting the ‘Cash Out,’ ‘Take,’ ‘Collect’ or a similar button on the game screen. By doing so, you are directing the game to bail you out and lock in your accumulated winnings.

You can do it manually or set the game to automatically cash out for you by choosing a multiplier. If the multiplier reaches that value before crashing, the game will cash out on its own.

Your payout is the multiplier coefficient at which you cash out multiplied by your initial bet. For instance, if you bet $1 and cash out at 10x, you’ll win $10. When you win, you’ve well and truly earned it by cashing out on time.

Now, every crash gambling game has a minimum multiplier value below which you cannot cash out. We will explain this with the following examples.

In Aviator, you simply click the orange ‘CASH OUT’ button to secure your winnings after placing a bet.

Spribes Aviator crash game

As you can see in the screenshot below, the minimum cashout multiplier for this game is 1.01x. How do we know this? Well, if you enter 1x as a cashout multiplier, it reverts to 1.01x.

Spribes Aviator crash game

Cashing out in Mancala Gaming’s Hyper Xplorer works in the same way as Aviator. You can exit a round by simply clicking the blue ‘CASH OUT’ button once you’ve placed a bet.

Mancala Gamings Hyper Xplorer crash game

The game’s minimum cashout multiplier is 1.2x, as seen in the screenshot below.

Mancala Gamings Hyper Xplorer crash game

Likewise, in Rocketman by Elbet, once the round starts and you’ve staked an amount, you just need to click the long green ‘CASHOUT’ button on the gaming screen to collect your winnings.

Rocketman by Elbet crash game

If you decide to use auto cashout in this game, the minimum multiplier value you can cash out at is 1.1x.

Rocketman by Elbet crash game

Keep in mind that you cashing out doesn’t necessarily mean the game round will stop progressing.

We’ll explain this with two examples.

We played Mriya by Netgame Entertainment and cashed out before the crash. Regardless of our action, the cargo plane kept progressing until the crash. The round didn’t stop because we bailed out.

Here’s a sneak peek:

However, when we played Mine Island by SmartSoft Gaming, the round reset every time we cashed out. Here's what it looks like:

Keep in mind that cashing out is the most important component of crash gambling because it gives you a sense of control (albeit a false one). This is a given no matter which crash betting games you play online.

It’s down to you alone to decide how you play and when you make the all-important decision to bail out. You could play it safe and cash out early on, earning a smaller win in return.

Yet, the RTP is the highest when cashing out early. Doing this in the long run would be a smart move. We totally recommend it for beginners who are still getting used to how crash gambling works as well as for players on a shoestring budget.

On the other hand, you could choose not to cash out until later on. This is a riskier approach because the crash can happen at any second if the multiplier has been rising for a while. Nonetheless, it can also be more rewarding, especially if your bet is small.

However, this approach might not be good for your overall RTP if the crash game you play offers lower returns at higher multiplier coefficients.

For instance, in 1000x Busta the top multiplier is 1,000x and the highest bet is $1,000. In theory, you should be able to win $1,000,000 if you go all in and the multiplier reaches its peak.

However, winnings are capped at $250,000, which means at the max bet and top multiplier, the RTP is only a quarter of what’s advertised. So, if you bet max and want to wait for the multiplier to substantially grow, we recommend you cash out at or before 250x because even if the game progresses beyond this, the most you can win is still $250,000.

It’s also worth pointing out that if a crash game reaches the top multiplier, it cashes out automatically for you. Nonetheless, the point is that it’s the option to cash out on your terms which makes crash gambling so exciting.

Understanding the Crash Gambling Interface

You’ll come across quite a few things on your game screen when crash gambling online. We have already discussed ‘Bet’ and ‘Cash Out’ but we’ll mention them again in this section. Additionally, we have listed the most common features below.

To help you understand better, we have used Aviator as our reference crash game. Compare what you read to the image you see.

Crash Gambling Interface

1. Game Window

This is the heart of the action. In Aviator by Spribe, you'll witness a soaring plane as the centerpiece of the crash animation. Similar crash games may showcase rockets, balloons, cars, people, or various other moving objects.

In mine-themed crash games, expect a minefield, while endless runner games offer dynamic scenes within this game window. No matter the type of crash game, the animation window is sure to display the multiplier in action.

2. Bet Slip

This is your betting hub before each round kicks off. Here, you decide your bet size, adjust it as needed, and can even set up the game to auto-play the rounds.

The bet slip of a crash game displays the ‘Bet’ button, which you can use to stake your wager for an upcoming round. While some games feature a single Bet button, others offer multiple buttons, allowing you to place multiple bets at once. Aviator falls into the latter category.

Once you are in, the same bet slip will display the ‘Cash Out’ button, which you can use to secure your winnings. All the auto-betting features of the game are also usually available within the bet slip.

3. Game History

Most crash games usually display the win multipliers from previous rounds in the form of a ‘results strip.’ The number of visible multipliers can vary depending on the game. For instance, in Aviator, you can see the past 18 win multipliers at the top of the game window.

You can usually expand the results strip to view more win multipliers, often up to the past 100 rounds. Some game providers even color-code the multipliers to differentiate between small and big wins.

In Provably Fair crash games, clicking on any visible win multiplier reveals additional round information in a popup window. This includes details such as the round ID, hashed result seed, and more, ensuring transparency and fairness.

4. Live Stats/Leaderboard

Regardless of whether a crash game is single-player or multiplayer, there will be some form of a table listing your placed bets. In multiplayer games, you can expect to see live stats and possibly a leaderboard.

For instance, Aviator has this feature using which you can view the bets placed by other participating players as well as their win multipliers and amounts cashed out in real-time. You can also check all your bets along with the top bets ever made.

5. Menu

Last but not least is the menu of the crash game. It is usually visible as a burger menu or a kebab menu placed in one of the corners of the game screen. The menu may contain these features:

  • Game settings (sounds and animation)
  • Provably Fair settings (for crash games with provable fairness)
  • Game rules (how to play, RTP, house edge, and volatility)
  • Game limits (max bet and max win)

Additionally, here are some of the other, less common features in crash gambling money games (not shown in the image).

  • Chatroom. most multiplayer crash games have a chatroom where you can post messages and interact with other players. Of course, this would be available exclusively in real money mode. For instance, the chatroom in 1Win's Rocket X crash game is accessible only when you sign up, log in, and play it for real money.
  • Emoji Sender: some crash games replace a chatroom with an emoji sender so you can express yourself in emojis but never really send any text message. One such game is Cricket Crash by Onlyplay.
  • Progressive Jackpots: crash games like Onlyplay’s Cricket Crash and Elbet’s Rocketman come with in-built progressive jackpot systems that essentially boost your multiplier winnings.
  • Bonus System: Certain crash games have an in-built system for offering bonuses, usually in the form of free bets. Crash gambling sites hosting these games can activate it from time to time to keep you hooked.
  • Half Cashout: this works in the same way as the standard cashout feature, except you secure half of your bet and let the other half grow along with the increasing multiplier. Pragmatic Play’s Big Bass Crash and Spaceman have this feature.

The Math Behind Crash Gambling 

It goes without saying that luck has a huge role to play in crash gambling. But the thing is, crash games have odds just like any other online casino game. Generally speaking, the lower the multiplier value, the greater the odds.

In other words, a crash game is more likely to produce a lower final multiplier than a higher one. Its house edge represents the likelihood of the multiplier crashing right away. For instance, if the RTP is 99%, the game's house edge would be (100 – 99 =) 1%.

Therefore, for every 100 rounds in a crash game with 99% RTP, the multiplier should crash right away in only one round. You can use a game’s RTP to work out the chances of winning at a particular multiplier coefficient.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Divide the RTP by 100 (we’ll refer to this as A).
  • Pick a multiplier value (we’ll refer to this as B).
  • Divide A by B.
  • Multiply the result by 100.
  • Interpret the result as a percentage.

To put this into practice, we’ll use Crash by BC Originals, a crash gambling game with an RTP of 99%. The calculation goes like this:

  • 99 / 100 = 0.99.
  • We’ll go with 3x as a multiplier value.
  • 0.99 / 3 = 0.33.
  • 0.33 X 100 = 33.
  • The result is 33%.

So, if you’re going to cash out when the game’s multiplier value is exactly 3x, you’ll have a 33% chance of being successful. 

A good thing about Crash by BC Originals is that it shows the chance of winning when you use the auto cashout feature. Pick a multiplier value at which you want the game to cash out and you’ll see the winning chance as a percentage.

Crash by BC Originals

Randomness and Provable Fairness of Results in Crash Gambling

Online crash games use RNG (Random Number Generator) to determine the win multiplier for each round. This piece of software working behind the scenes makes every result random and unpredictable.

One round could crash at 1x, the next could end at a 30x multiplier, and the next at a 1,000x multiplier, and so on. Thanks to RNG, crash gambling isn’t predictable and this is part of what makes it so compelling.

Again, several crash gambling games are Provably Fair. This means that you can check and verify the results of every round – even those you haven’t played yourself. 

Crash gambling uses blockchain technology typical to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, enabling users to check and confirm transactions on a large public network. 

The technology involves hashing – a way to transform digital data into unique hash values that cannot be decrypted. A hash is essentially a digital signature that’s linked to the original but can’t be converted back into it.

When you play any RNG casino game online, you don’t get to test the randomness of its results. You only believe what you are told – that the game is fair. However, Provably Fair games offer proof of randomness and hence, higher transparency. This is why most crash gamblers prefer them to crash games without provable fairness.

Read more about how it works in crash games in our detailed article on Provably Fair technology. Also, check out our reviews of the top Provably Fair crash games.

Try Your Luck at Crash Gambling Today

Crash gambling is a fast-paced, and exciting form of online betting. It’s easy, unpredictable, and thoroughly rewarding if you can manage to cash out at the right moment. Careful decision-making and a touch of luck can help you land massive wins.

At CrashBetz, we've curated a list of top-tier crash gambling sites, all licensed and geared toward providing exceptional experiences for players. Additionally, we've extensively reviewed numerous outstanding crash games, highlighting their unique features.

What's more, you can even try most of these games for free in demo mode right on our website. This allows you to familiarize yourself with their mechanics, explore their features, and hone your strategies.

Crash gambling is rapidly becoming a major trend in online betting. The sooner you get acquainted with it, the better you'll become at mastering its intricacies.

Get started today, punters!

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Can I crash gamble for free?

Absolutely! You've got two options to crash gamble without spending a dime. First, try demo play, betting with play money for the thrill with no chance of winning real cash. Alternatively, seize a no-deposit casino bonus, playing with the casino's money, not yours, yet still chasing those real-money wins.

Are crash gambling games fair?

All crash gambling games run on RNG, making every outcome random and unpredictable. Therefore, all of them can be considered fair. However, Provably Fair crash games take it up a notch by allowing manual result verification, setting a new benchmark for fairness.

Is online crash gambling safe?

Online crash gambling is as safe as you make it. Opt for licensed crash betting sites known for timely payouts and player security. Guard your credentials closely; never share them, even with close contacts. Also, be cautious while assessing these sites over public WiFi.

Can I crash gamble anonymously?

Your anonymity in crash gambling varies by site. Many accept crypto, offering some privacy. Yet, KYC checks may be needed for withdrawals. Always review the site's policy to understand its stance on anonymity. Choose wisely for the level of privacy you desire in your crash gambling experience.

How much money can I make from crash gambling online?

How much money you can win from crash gambling online depends on the game and your luck. The top payout differs between games. Winning depends on how high the multiplier grows and whether you can cash out on time. Remember to treat it as a source of entertainment, not income.

Is online crash gambling legal?

Online crash gambling for real money is legal wherever online gambling is legal. If you’re allowed to gamble over the internet within your country, stake, or jurisdiction, you can play crash gambling games without breaking the law.

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