Pragmatic Play Dives into Thrilling Waters of Crash Games Again with Big Bass Crash

Post date: September 27, 2023
Big Bass Crash

In a move that's making waves in the online gaming community, Pragmatic Play has just released its second crash game – Big Bass Crash! It comes after more than a year of Spaceman, the developer’s debut crash game.

Big Bass Crash is a fishing-themed crash game that joins the Big Bass series of slot games by the provider that includes the mega-hit online slot Big Bass Bonanza. As you navigate the unpredictable waters of crash gambling afresh, it promises to deliver an adrenaline-pumping experience like no other and the hopes of big wins.

Pragmatic Play’s Chief Operating Officer, Irina Cornides says, “Big Bass Crash™ takes Pragmatic Play’s Big Bass franchise to a whole new level – this time with added excitement brought by Crash mechanics to offer Big Bass fans a unique new experience with our favorite fisherman.

Catch the Excitement of Big Bass Crash

Pragmatic Play, known for innovation in the iGaming industry, has once again proven its prowess with the launch of Big Bass Crash. Breaking away from the usual, this crash game introduces a whole new dimension to the provider’s portfolio.

Powered by RNG, Big Bass Crash is not just a game; it's a test of nerves. The goal is to ‘cash out' before the game inevitably ‘crash.’ Needless to say, timing is key in the game. It's a thrilling ride that adds a new layer of excitement to the gaming experience.

Innovation Runs Deep Within Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play has a history of pushing boundaries, and Big Bass Crash is no exception. The introduction of a ‘50% cashout' mode adds an extra layer of excitement, making it different from most other crash games on the web, but very akin to its predecessor, Spaceman.

You can lock in half of your potential winnings and let the remaining 50% ride, aiming for even bigger multipliers as the game unfolds. Additionally, Big Bass Crash also incorporates social gameplay elements.

The first is a real-time leaderboard that showcases top winners. Then, there’s a live chat box for active player communication and even a live support option if you need help. Overall, Big Bass Crash offers an immersive and interactive gaming experience you can’t not love.

Irina Cornides says, “The returning 50% cashout feature in tandem with social elements encourage interactivity and enable players to personalize their experience in a way that suits their betting style. With speedy outcomes and a highly social atmosphere, we are very much looking forward to seeing players enjoy the latest title in our Crash game portfolio.

The Legacy of Big Bass Games

As already mentioned, Big Bass Crash builds on the success of its predecessors, joining the distinguished lineup of Pragmatic Play’s Big Bass slot games.

Titles like Big Bass Bonanza, Big Bass Bonanza MegaWays, Big Bass Amazon Xtreme, Big Bass Bonanza – Hold and Spinner, Big Bass Splash, Big Bass – Keeping it Reel, and Christmas Big Bass Bonanza have already captured the hearts of players.

Likewise, Big Bass Crash is poised to continue this legacy, albeit with a new way of betting. If you are familiar with any of these games, you will recognize the iconic bearded fisherman and his red-and-white fishing boat.

He casts his line into the sea hoping to catch some fish, risking a snap at any moment. As his boat sails, the multiplier increases. It's up to you to cash out before the crash for a multiplier win.

Take the Plunge Now

As the online gambling community receives Big Bass Crash with open arms, CrashBetz stands ready to review Pragmatic Play’s second crash game, discuss the nitty-gritty, and show you the best crash betting sites online to play it for real money.

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