Top 5 Aviator Alternatives For Players Seeking a Fresh Challenge

Post date: March 12, 2024
Aviator crash game alternatives

Bored of Aviator?

Let's find you a new altitude—a similar crash game!

Here's a mini list of the top Aviator alternatives to try:

Let's get to know them better.

AviatriX by Aviatrix Bet

Max Win10,000x
Provably FairYes
What’s Better Than AviatorLoyalty rewards (game credits and cash) and custom planes that act as NFTs

AviatriX came out in 2022 and instantly tasted blood thanks to its customization.

Unlike other aviation-themed crash games, it lets you change the color of your lucky plane.

Each plane acts as an NFT (non-fungible token)—a unique digital fingerprint that confirms an asset’s authenticity and ownership. In other words, the plane you get is yours and no one else’s.

NFTs run on blockchain technology, which is the same tech behind cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the game’s built-in loyalty scheme, you’ll unlock more planes, each of which can be customized, as you play. 

AviatriX has a favorable 97% RTP and a max win of up to 10,000x.

Its core gameplay is the same as that of most other crash games, customization sets it apart, making it a worthy alternative to Aviator.

Check Out AviatriX

Aero by Turbo Games

Aero Crash Game
Max Win999,999.99x
Provably FairNo
What’s Better Than AviatorGreat design

Aero is a multiplayer crash game with an insane max win of up to 999999.99x, with no limits attached.

However, its RTP is 96%, which isn’t the highest for a crash game. Nevertheless, Aero is packed with special features that make it worth playing.

You can earn ranks with each play, enjoy various autoplay options, and score free bets in real-money play.

The game design is stunning with splendid visuals and a soundtrack that perfectly syncs with the action unfolding onscreen.

All this makes Aero an Aviator substitute par excellence.

Check Out Aero

Mriya by Netgame Entertainment

Mriya Crash Game
Max Win1,000x
Provably FairNo
What’s Better Than AviatorImmersive visuals and a higher max bet

Mriya, the crash game pays homage to the namesake cargo aircraft destroyed in the Russo-Ukrainian war.

It came out in 2022 and has an RTP of 96.10%, outperforming Aero but still trailing behind Aviator.

Nonetheless, the graphics are sharp, with lifelike animations as the aircraft ascends, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. The backdrop adds to the realism.

Mriya may not have the flashiest stats or the most features, but it's definitely worth checking out.

With medium volatility, it's a safer bet for those seeking an Aviator-like crash game that’s straightforward yet satisfying—without high-risk stakes.

Check Out Mriya

JetX by SmartSoft Gaming

JetX Crash by SmartSoft Gaming
Max Win10,000x
Provably FairYes
What’s Better Than AviatorExcellent graphics and realistic sound effects

Debuting in 2019, JetX is an Aviator contemporary that hasn't soared to the same heights.

Nevertheless, it's a gem in its own league.

For starters, its graphics are top-notch, with the game kicking off at a fully realized airport from where the lucky plane takes off.

The max win is an underwhelming 25,000x, nonetheless.

Auto-bet and auto-cash out while keeping tabs on others' bets and progress in this multiplayer crash game.

You can also exchange messages with fellow players in its chat room.

In a nutshell, if you're on the hunt for an Aviator analog with slick visuals, a catchy soundtrack, and the option to double down on bets, JetX is your go-to.

It has an RTP of 96.2–98.9%, so it's hard to resist.

Thunder Crash by Thunderpick Casino

Thunder Crash Gameplay
Max WinUndefined
Provably FairYes
What’s Better Than AviatorTwo gaming and loading modes

Thunder Crash is Thunderpick Casino's exclusive ace up its sleeve.

The casino has kept tight-lipped about the specifics, so the RTP, max bet, and win potential remain a mystery. Even then we recommend it because of its provable fairness.

And then, not all players need these details before playing a game. Some like to dive right in and play!

What’s good about Thunder Crash is that it offers two gaming modes and two loading modes.

The two gaming modes are ‘Classic’ and ‘New’. The ‘Classic’ option has basic visuals of the plane soaring over the ocean. As for ‘New’, this has a dystopian vibe and is a lot more colorful and vibrant.

Likewise, the ‘Light’ loading mode has a plain black screen with just the multiplier visible; the other loading mode displays the game’s graphics in full.

Thunder Crash might not put all its cards on the table, but it’s worth a shot.

It’s a decent alternative to Aviator that looks good and is fun to play.

Check Out Thunder Crash


With a top win of 1,000,000x and an impressive 97% RTP, Aviator by Spribe is still the king of crash games!

As well as having favorable stats, it looks the part thanks to its simple graphics and animations.

It's been embraced by veteran punters and newcomers alike because its multiplayer action, double bets, and free bets let every player find their adrenaline rush.

Its provable fairness seals the deal for confident real-money play, making it one of the best crash games to play online.

But when monotony creeps in, the best escape plan is to switch to Aviator alternatives—the Aviator-like crash games that are similar, yet different (and possibly better).

This listicle features 5 such games that are worth checking out. But, there are plenty more!

We have clubbed the top ones under one roof as the best aviation-themed crash games.

Play them in demo mode for free and see if you like them as much as you like the Spribe smash hit.

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